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COMING SOON: The Pull Bag – GCRN’s Comic Book Review Podcast

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The GCRN’s Comic Book Review Podcast

That’s right! We have delved into Comics! While Steve/Megatron has been reading The NEW 52, TFG1Mike started back into comics with DC’s Epic Event DEATH OF THE FAMILY. Since then, both Steve and Mike have been reviewing the Bat Books over on GeekCast Radio

Because of this new found appreciation for comics on TFG1Mike’s part, and the fact that we wanna cover more, we have created The Pull Bag. This will be where all future comic book reviews will reside. This will happen starting in March 2013. AFTER the events of DEATH OF THE FAMILY.

The Pull Bag will feature the following hosts on rotation in episodes:



Spada The Baltmatrix

JT From Saskatoon



Mike Lacey

A. Das Baron

These hosts will be on different episodes. Steve and TFG1 have The Bat books, Spada and TFG1 have Superior Spider-Man, Boothninja and Danner are Marvel we think, JT, A. Das, and Mike Lacey are MOTU, and anyone else is welcome!!! So there’s 2-4 hosts per podcast maximum.

Here’s the format of the show:

Intro/Gen Chat

Catching up with each other.

Comics Interests:

What are we looking to read outside what we are currently reading. EX: TFG1 wants Batman Gates Of Gotham.

Comic Reviews:

The main body of the show, any and all comics can be reviewed.

 No more then 6 issues reviewed per podcast episode. These discussions on individual issues might be short. So having a max of 6 is fine. It wouldn’t be like what Steve and TFG1 do now, where we talk about all the issues at once.

Closing The Show:

Overall thoughts on books that were read, preview of next times books.

The Pull Bag Art

Here’s the potential schedule:

Episode 00: Introduction

Episode 01: Iron Man 3 Prelude #1 & #2 (only a 2 issue prelude, TFG1 will be the one solely on this, unless anyone else has read it?)

Episode 02: The Bat Books #18 Issues

Episode 03: The Superior Spider-Man Issues #1 and #2

Episode 04: The Bat Books #19 Issues

Episode 05: The Superior Spider-Man Issues #3 and #4

Episode 06: The Bat Books #20 Issues

Episode 07: DC Books

Episode 08: Marvel Books

Episode 09: DC Books

Episode 10: Marvel Books

Episodes of The Pull Bag will be several times a month, usually at the end of each month. It will depend on when the comics we read are released. The show will be added to iTunes after we have three episodes online. Get ready to dive into comic books with The GCRN this March!!!

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