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Interview with Ross Pearsall

About a month ago, A fan of my podcast Introduced me to blogger Ross Pearsall Of braveandboldlot.blogspot.com

1.  When did you first come up with the idea of Super Team Family, the lost issues?
One day, I was thinking about The Brave and The Bold, how I loved those Batman team-ups and was sorry to see the series end, despite enjoying Batman and the Outsiders, which replaced it, as well.  There were so many cool characters Batman hadn’t met in the series, Captain Marvel, Martian Manhunter, Starman, etc.  I wondered what it would have been like had the series continued, so I decided to use MS Paint to make up some imaginary covers.  At first I was very strict, using only DC characters that appeared during the years that B&B was published with Jim Aparo artwork wherever possible.  Soon enough, though, my interest in inter-company crossovers came through and I began adding heroes from Marvel and elsewhere to team up with the Dark Knight Detective.   I posted these on a comics message board, and it was suggested that I start a blog featuring them.  I thought the quality of these early covers was pretty rough, but what the heck, some folks might get a kick out of them.  Thus began The Brave and the Bold: The Lost Issues!  People seemed to like the covers, so I decided to keep things going by switching to Marvel-Two-In-One: The Lost Issues! It was fun to use Ben Grimm as an anchor, he is always enjoyable to write for.  When the time came to switch to another title, I decided to blow the doors wide open with Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues!  This time I decided to present the issues with chronological numbering, rather than random as I did with B&B and MTIO.  While I was happy with what I had been able to accomplish with a simple program like MS Paint, I felt it was time to kick things up a notch.  After 350 issues or so, I bit the bullet an bought a copy of Photoshop, which really allowed me stretch creatively.
2.  What was the first comic you read?
Hard to remember, but the first ones that made a lasting impression on me were Justice league of America #100-102, the great JLA/JSA/Seven Soldiers of Victory team up.
3.  Are you an D.C. / Marvel / Image/ Dark Horse/ person?  Or just D.C. / Marvel?
I mostly collected Marvel and DC but branched out to other publishers during my college years.
4.  Has anyone from the major publishers contacted you?
A few professional have commented on and re-tweeted some of my covers,  it’s always nice to know that I have brought some small amount of enjoyment to those that have inspired me.
5.  Are/Were a fan of Jack Kirby?
Sure, He’s the King!
6.  Have you ever met Stan Lee?  Or any famous comic book artist?
Haven’t met Stan but I have had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of pro’s at various conventions.  Meeting Joe Kubert and Bob Haney were highlights for me.
7.  Have you promoted at the major/minor conventions?
No, I’m not sure what I would have to promote!
8.  What is the longest an project has taken you?
My 1000th cover took me a few days to complete.
9.  What has been the shortest?
Snoopy/Enemy Ace came together pretty quickly, only a couple of hours on that one, a rarity.
10.  Ever had creative differences?
I’m a one man operation, so, no.
11.  Out of all the Vs. Battles, which one is your favorite?
I’m pretty fond of the recent X-Men Vs. Starro cover i recently posted.
12.  Which one is your least?
A lot of the early B&B covers where I was still learning are pretty rough.  I made those before I ever entertained the idea of having a blog, but figured I should still include them so folks could see the progression.
13.  How long does it take you to come up with an cover idea?
anywhere from an hour to half a day… it just depends when inspiration strikes and i can find the right images to make it a reality.
14.  Let’s talk Howard the Duck Vs. Vader.   I guess because both are George Lucas Properties.   Who would win?
Darth in a straight on Battle – I’d like to think that Howard could find an angle to give him the edge though.
15.  We’ve (or at least I’ve seen Death Match on You Tube) Batman Vs. Vader.  But what are your thoughts on who would win?
Batman, if he had time to prepare.  If he went in not knowing his opponent – Darth takes it.
16.  Aquaman Vs. Captain Nemo?  That would make an interesting movie.  How would this one go down?
I see them working together rather than at odds.
17.  What Vs. Battle would you like to see on the big screen?
Who wouldn’t love to see a live action version of X-Men Vs. The Teen Titans?
18.  What are your future plans?
I am doing my best to keep up with the blog.  I have been able to post a new cover daily for years now, and I’ll try to keep maintaining that pace.
19.  Where can people find you?
Super-Team family: The Lost Issues can be found at braveandboldlot.blogspot.com, the facebook fan page is at www.facebook.com/SuperTeamFamilyTheLostIssues, you can follow me on twitter @RossPearsall and you can show your support and become a Patron of the blog at .www.patreon.com/STFtheLostIssues.
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