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Interview with Freelance Inker Kendra Hale

Kendra Hale started inking as a hobby, but soon discovered a passion in making images come to life. She has been inspired by Alex Ross, and continues finding artists who she finds bring the characters she loved in comics as a kid to life.

Currently inking for several companies and projects as well as writing and inking her first comic Serene with art by Edward Hale.

1 – What was the 1st thing you ever drew?

LOL 90’s kids will be with me on this one, I drew the four small bubbles with a bigger one overlapping and the medium circle with another for the head and nose. I created the bubble dog.

2 – What was the 1st comic book that you ever read?
Lady Death original by Chaos comics

3 – I noticed that you have some Batman Pics.  Who is your favorite Batman Hero/Villain?
Heroine- Zatanna/ Captain Marvel Shazaam
Villain- Captain Cold/Mister Freeze

4 – How long have you been an professional inker?
Almost 4 years now.

Savage Wonder Woman by Renato Camillo Inks by Kendra

Savage Wonder Woman by Renato Camillo
Inks by Kendra

5 – You Husband Ed?  His profession is writer/inker?  Jack of all Trades?

Edward is like me, each of us is a triple threat, He is a writer, penciller and inker as well as dabbler in color. I am writer, inker and color dabbler.

6 – Have you two ever collaborated?
We do Jams all the times, that and usually when one of us signs for a new Indie project or company we drag the other kicking and screaming to join in the fun 😉

7 – How much creative control do you have with your inking?
I am free reign with my inking, never really needed to have more input than that with it. A vision honestly for me is between the penciller and the writer about what needs to be portrayed in a scene. I keep a pretty good line of communication with my pencillers to ensure that I am reading their vision right.


Black canary pencils by Daniele Torres inks and colors by Kendra

8 – Have you ever faced an conflict of interest?

Inside the art work no, there is always going to be frustrations because as artists regardless of genre or medium, we are passionate about what we do. I lay my guidelines down pretty clearly walking into a project. All I require is respect, that being shown leads to almost no issues.

Watchmen, Pencils by J David Lee. Inking by Kendra

Pencils by J David Lee.
Inking by Kendra

9 – Ever said No to a job, due to creative differences?

Not yet.

10 – What is the longest Inking?
A piece I did for No Gravity Studios, was a variant cover for Light Earth with pencils done by Jey Soliva. A stunning piece just one that I had done most of the inks for and didn’t like how it looked so I started again from scratch.

11 – What was the shortest?
I finished the first Iago Maia Harley in 15 minutes. I adored his lines and it was a rare occasion where the work honestly just flew.

The Clown Princess of Crime.  By Iago Maia, Inks By Kendra

The Clown Princess of Crime. By Iago Maia, Inks By Kendra

12 – Tell me a little about your production company All Hale Studios.

All Hale Studios is basically that tag team of me and Edward, he he get it? All Hale? Anyway we work as a team, Edward does pencils, I do inks with both tagging out on writing for our personal stories. We have also collaborated with other indie companies under our studio.

13 – I noticed that you are a fan of Zatanna, what do you like about her?
Zatanna is for me personally the character in the comics world that I identify with the most, this young lady throughout the canon of her story has had some of the most horrible dealings that she has had to go through and yet still remains a bad ass, kept her spirit and sass and adapted to any situation she has been in. That and bunnies.

Zatanna pencils by TJ Frias Inks by Kendra

pencils by TJ Frias
Inks by Kendra

14 – Who are your heroes, Writing/Artists/Inkers?

ANYONE willing to put their blood sweat and tears into this profession regardless of where their title falls has my respect. This is not a profession for the weak hearted. You have to have fire and determination in the face of all the critics, the naysayers, etc.

15 – Fan of Jack Kirby, if so ever pay tribute to him?
Jack Kirby was a beast. I have full respect for the man. I have done one of his pieces and love his style.

16 – Did you ever get to meet Robert Kirkman?

Unfortunately not yet.

17 – Or Stan Lee?

Regrettable missed opportunity that I must fix.

18 – What are your future plans?
To enjoy art. I have many projects I am lead inker on for several Indie companies and get the opportunity to meet new people and make connections everyday. I could not ask for anything more. I get to share these things with my family, my kids get to see a whole world of amazing different styles and art. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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