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Today on Episode 173 of the Cinema Geeks …..we catch up with the rest of the world with our review of Deadpool 2! Tune in to see if the geeks liked this sequel more or less than the original. Time to get your comic book geek on as we get rated R with Deadpool 2?

History’s Favorite Duo is Back in CABLE AND DEADPOOL ANNUAL #1!  David F. Walker & Paco Diaz take readers on a time-travel mission this August!                                                                                                                New York, NY—May 11, 2018—Deadpool’s got a new job…and to get it done, he’ll need to call in help from his old

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The Amazing Spider-Man #795 Writer: Dan Slott, Christos Gage Artist: Terry Pallot, Mike Hawthorne   With Dan Slott ending his epic run on Spider-Man soon issue #795 operates as a take your breath story. One that comes off as the minor calm before the major storm that is no

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On “Altered Geek,” Steve and Mike discuss their thoughts over Good and Bad Customer Service experiences in the recent episode. They discuss what may or may not make the experience into a horror show or a sigh of relief. All this and more on Altered Geek!

Cable #1 Writer: James Robinson Artist: Carlos Pacheco So when is an introduction not actually needed? When it comes to launching a solo comic book series its actually an important question to answer when starting your book. Do you need to spend time getting the reader familiar with the character

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