On this week’s show we talk old news as we discuss the Super Bowl and all the trailers that came out with it including the Iron Fist trailer. Dan also has a review of the new Marvel Darth Maul comic and Greg is reading the origins of the most popular superhero off all time: Batman. That leads to a discussion regarding reading classic comics and the challenges that come with it.

In Episode 130 of MWIRE TFG1Mike and Doug Abel have accepted the mission to talk about 21 years of the IMF! We’ll talk about the plots, casts, music, and everything else about all five films.  Sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and your favorite beverage…. as we bring back the Movie Week In Review Sunday Matinee!! THIS PODCAST WILL SELF DESTRUCT IN 5 SECONDS!

In the 74th episode of ToonCast Beyond Eduardo M. Freyre joins TFG1Mike once again! This time we are here to talk about Spider-Man!!!! Yup the 1994 Spider-Man The Animated Series! We go over the plots of Season 5, the voice cast, the animation, and more. So relive the 90s with us here on ToonCast Beyond as we swing on our own webbing into the SECRET WARS and then the SPIDER-WARS!!!!!

Steve Megatron is joined by TFG1 Mike as we discuss Nasa’s new Earth-like worlds, Logan, Geeky Passions, The Batman, Matt Reeves directing The Batman, Nascar’s Monster Girls attire, Transformers, YouTuber’s poor taste in comedy, films and more!

In Episode 69 TV’s Mr. Neil and TFG1Mike cringe their way through three vdeo game cartoon pilot episodes, that thankfully NEVER got a series. We talk about Battletoads, Bubsy, and Mortal Kombat The Journey Begins. So tune in and help us find the Pixels In The Animation!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE! Jack Kirby’s Most Anticipated Artist’s Edition Is Coming! IDW To Release Brand New Artist Edition Featuring Marvel’s Fantastic Four San Diego, CA (February 23, 2017) – IDW Publishing continues to celebrate the King of Comics’ centennial birthday, this time with the forthcoming release of Jack

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The Pull Bag Episode 138 is here! Mike and A Das Baron return to Eternia and the Eternity War from DC Comics!…for the last time!  This dynamic duo go through issues 14 and 15 of the latest He-Man comic series and spoil everything! We talk about how Mike kinda hates feels that the stories are just going nowhere, and A Das .. well… kinda agrees that the series has fallen off the wagon!  So grab some roast gooble, and listen in as we continue the Masterful He-Man and She-Ra Talk here inside The Pull Bag! NEXT TIME HE-MAN THUNDERCATS!!