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Mayhem Mics Pod ArtIn Episode 20 of Mayhem Mics we are continuing something awesome! Well something awesome just got even more awesome! Mayhem Mics is becoming it’s own brand under TWIG and GCRN. Welcome to the NEW DAY for MAYHEM MICS! TFG1Mike, Mike the Birdman Dodd,  and Ryan The UnEvenFlow are your TRIPLE THREAT into the world of WWE. This time around we start a new type of episode. Welcome to SUPERSTAR SPOTLIGHT! The first SS is all about John Cena! So tune into us and listen as we tear the WWE a new hole! Let us know what you think of this new type of GCRN-TWIG episode and as always “LOWER YOUR SHIELDS, AND SURRENDER YOUR LISTENERSHIP because we want to “UNLEASH THE GEEK IN YOU!”

Steve Megatron converses on the content of this week’s geeky news. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cancelled By Nickelodeon and Rebooted, Big Bang Theory Renewed For Seasons 11 & 12, DuckTales Renewed For Season 2, Prison Break Season 6 In 2018?, ‘SNL’ WILL BRING A HISTORIC CHANGE, Turner, Fox And Viacom Team Up For New TV Measurement System, Netflix Shows Might Soon Look Different on Your Phone, Doctor Dolittle Reboot To Star Robert Downey Jr., Coming to America 2, Skydance Media Planning A Major ‘Terminator’ Announcement In 2017, ‘The Flash’ No Speedster Villain In Season 4, Michael Shannon The Frontrunner To Play Cable In DEADPOOL 2, ‘Justice League’ Trailer Will Land On Saturday, Wolverine’s Return Being Teased By Marvel, Concept art from next week’s Legends of Tomorrow, and more!

In Episode 71 TV’s Mr. Neil and TFG1Mike are juicin’ to be wayyyy past cool. That’s right the Sonic cartoon coverage begins here with SAT AM! We kick off the sonic era of Pixels In The Animation by talking about Sega’s flagship mascot, and then we dive into the first four episodes of SAT-AM. We flip a coin to see who comes up Heads or Tails, after that we are deafened by a Sonic Boom, and then we witness a story featuring  Sonic & Sally, finally we go Ultra Sonic in this all new cartoon video game adventure with that chilli dawg lovin’ Hedgehog! …… DID WEEEEE DO THAT…???! So tune in and help us find the Pixels In The Animation!

Welcome to Remote Control’s TAKE 5!!! What is TAKE 5 you might ask…. well it’s where we take a look at the first 5 episodes of any TV series, and after reviewing these 5 episodes we’ll make a decision on whether we’ll be watching the show further or not. In this second episode Jennifer Kaufman joins TFG1Mike to GET EMOTIONAL about NBC’s NEW dramaedy This Is Us! So stop channel surfin’ because you are now tuned into Remote Control!!!

TPB Back Issue Classics Episode 80 is here! Steve/Megatron returns to help TFG1Mike stumble through Geek-Giel #1-4, a new series from a new publisher. (At least a new publisher to us here on the podcast.) So listen in and see how we get through a geeky super heroine comic series here inside The Pull Bag!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Top Shelf Productions to release Shannon Wheeler's ‘Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump San Diego, CA (March 21, 2017) – IDW's imprint Top Shelf Productions is pleased — big league — to announce Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated

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