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The Cardboard Table is finally here. Kristen and Mike debut a brand new podcast for the GeekCast Radio Network that is all about tabletop gaming.

The Cardboard Table is the ideal spot for any table top enthusiast. Join Kristen and Mike as they talk all thing board games including reviews, previews, and retrospectives.

In Episode 131 of MWIRE TFG1Mike and Steve Megatron are here once again to talk films! This week on the MWIRE SUNDAY MATINEE we check out 1994’s BLANK CHECK!! By far one the BEST Disney films of the 90s! Sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and your favorite beverage…. as we bring back the Movie Week In Review Wednesday Matinee!!

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE IDW Publishing And Hasbro Announce ‘Clue’ Comic Book Series  The 5-Issue Series Marks the First Time the Popular Detective Board Game Will be Adapted into Comics San Diego, CA (March 3, 2017) - There’s a mystery to solve! Today Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) and IDW

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Steve Megatron is flying solo as he dives into the latest in Logan, The Batman, Star Trek Discovery, Hulk Wolverine Hybrid, Star Wars for Oscars, Mark Hamill, 20th Century Fox films on mobile demand, Dragon Ball Super, David S Pumpkins Bill Gates, BossLogic Batgirl and Cable, Science and Religion, YouTuber’s, Disney, Internet Bullying, films, and more!


In the latest ATTF Origins episode Steve and Mike get the origins of Radio Free Cybetron’s creator Brian Kilby. We talk about G1, Beast Wars, the comics, the fans, and all sorts of other Transformers goodness! So join us as we transform and transcend ATTF once more. This is the original Robots in Disguise Podcast of the GCRN. Join Steve Megatron and TFG1Mike as we bring in a diverse group of guests to talk Transformers with us.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Humble Bundle and IDW Publishing Launch Creators Showcase Bundle IDW and Humble Bundle team up in support of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and Traveling Stories San Diego, CA (March 1, 2017) - IDW Publishing and Humble Bundle are once again joining forces to

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The Pull Bag Episode 139 is here! TFG1Mike and ComicRevolt Dan start a NEW Image Comics series. Hadrian’s Wall from Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel, and Rod Reis! It’s a murder mystery in space! So join us as we talk about the first 2 issues of this all new series from the C.O.W.L.  creative team! As always be sure to MAKE YOUR GREAT ESCAPE INTO COMICS!!!