Toon Beyond 2016 Pod Art #1TFG1Mike, TV’s Mr. Neil, and Doug Abel remember the classic voice actress June Foray. Listen in as they talk about her various voice roles, her Emmy crusade, which of her characters were their favorites, and so much more. From Rocky the Flying Squirrel all the way to Witch Hazel, Natasha Badinoff, and so much more! June Foray was truly one of the pioneer of women in voiceover. She will always be in our hearts.

On this episode of “Altered Geek,” Steve “Megatron” is joined by TFG1 Mike to discuss SDCC and all the trailers that interested us and what was so great about them.

POWCAIn Episode 52 of POWCA PecanCtMichael and TFG1Mike celebrate the halfway mark of POWCA! There are only 52 days left after this, and then they continue their Summer Vacation by talking about the epic movie like special SUMMER BELONGS TO YOU!!!! That’s right we have hit this special episode of the cartoon series!!!! So join us won’t you for the yes yes we do and no no we don’t moments, our thoughts on the plots of each cartoon and more! So come on with us and join the Podcast Organization Without a Cool Acronym!


In the latest ATTF Origins episode Mike gets the origins of Heather Ha-Hee Prime. YES it’s the FIRST EVER Female fan ep of All Things Transformers Origins. You are not gonna wanna miss this! We talk about Heather’s fav characters, fav Transformers era, what her kids do with their wildest imaginations, and so much more. So join us as we transform and transcend ATTF once more. This is the original Robots in Disguise Podcast of the GCRN. Join Steve Megatron and TFG1Mike as we bring in a diverse group of guests to talk Transformers with us.

In Episode 79 TV’s Mr. Neil and TFG1Mike are juicin’ to be wayyyy past cool. This week we are recapping our thoughts on the SAT-AM series, and we even hve JT from Saskatoon giving his thoughts on the series in a voicemail!! So tune in and help us find the Pixels In The Animation! And get ready for ADVENTURES OF SONIC THE HEDGEHOG next Thursday!!!

TPB-YEAR4 POD ART #1In Episode 147 we conclude JEM JAMMIN’ JULY 2017! Join TFG1Mike LadyWreck and BeatlesDiva as they wrap up the IDW Jem ongoing coverage! These Misfits talk about the 2017 Jem Anual, and then Issues 24-26 of the series. This is the TRULY OUTRAGEOUS finale. So Make your great escape into comics, and jump inside The Pull Bag today!

On this episode of “Altered Geek,” Steve “Megatron” is joined by TFG1 Mike to discuss the death of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, SDCC hopes, Spiderman Homecoming – Initial Thoughts, Clickbait Websites, Mask of Phantasm Remaster, Doctor Who changes, Chris Hemsworth’s comments on on James Bond as a female, Ignorant internet comments about comic changes, Kermit’s pessimism, Doctor Doom Film and Star Trek Online.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEGA® and IDW Publishing Dash Forward with Partnership DealSan Diego, CA (July 21, 2017) — Today SEGA® revealed that Sonic the Hedgehog™ and his friends have joined forces with IDW Publishing, the leading publisher of licensed comic books, to begin a thrilling new chapter in the Blue

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Jem and the Holograms Step Into a New Comic Book Dimension The Most Outrageous Band in the Universe hit the road this November with an Anthology Series San Diego (July 21, 2017)— Hasbro’s Jem and the Holograms may be currently out touring with the “Infinite” crossover

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On this episode of “Altered Geek,” Steve “Megatron” is back from vacation! On the agenda are a multitude of things from tech to gaming and of course, Star Trek. Ramping it up to the grand 4 year mark of the podcast with Episode 200!