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The GeekCast Radio Network was formed from the minds of two podcasters and friends. Steven C. Phillips and Michael Blanchard created the network as well as a majority of the various shows showcased within the network.

It all started with the formation of All Things Transformers by Steve. After many shows Mike joined in as his co-host and then went on to create The TFG1 Podcast. Within a few months, many other show ideas floated about. Both hosts decided to create those shows and in doing so they created the site you see before you today.

In 2010, the GCRN expanded exponentially with the likes of ToonCast, MWIRE, ToyCast, GeekCast Radio, and the Tele-Cast joining the programming lineup. GCRN is also the very first and only podcasting network to tackle Beast Wars and Beast Machines from beginning to end with The Beast Unleashed Podcast. We also have added a variety of ‘specialty’ shows that focus in on one particular topic such as, The Secret Origins Podcast, Transformation Animation Podcast, and many others.

Also, during this expansion we welcomed some new personalities to the network.  PecanCtMichael has become a fixture in all of the various Transformers podcasts and OptimusSolo not only joined Mike for the ToonCast journey but went on to launch his very own show with, The Tele-Cast. You can also hear Optimus in a variety of other shows broadcast on the network

In 2011, we took on the biggest project in the Network’s history. In collaboration with numerous other geek sites we became the very 1st Network to tackle the Top 100 Animated Series of All Time! (and in the process did a 1000% better version than the blasphemous IGN did)

In the future we will be expanding even more with other specialty podcasts as well as re-launching GCRN WarZ, which will be a great vehicle for many geek debates! The network will also continue to invite new hosts, show ideas and collaborations from every corner of the Geek World!

So stay tuned because we have a great deal more in store for you, the fans and listeners!

Check out our Twitter page for even more content and updates from the Geeks themselves. As well as the Facebook fanpage!!!

GeekCastRadio.com is a geek podcast network dedicated to giving you the community our thoughts and reminiscing on the past, present and future in all things geek related. We give you a great deal of content in various subjects. Our motto and mission is simple…we want to, “Unleash the Geek in YOU!

I am Steve Megatron one of the Co-Creators of the GCRN and I hope you enjoy our site as much as we do. If you ever want to reach out to me feel free to email steve @ geekcastradio.com or reach out to me on Twitter @SCP21


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