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Honesty, Quality, Teamwork & Respect, Innovation, Growth,
Fun, and to UNLEASH The Geek In YOU!

The GeekCast Radio Network is a geek media network dedicated to educating, informing and Unleashing the Geek in YOU, as we discuss all things past, present and future in all things geek related.


The GeekCast Radio Network is made up of a multitude of hosts. Co-Creators SCP21 and TFG1Mike have brought in a bunch of fun geeks, nerds, anything else you wanna call them. We talk TV, movies, comics, cartoons, video games, geeky news, reviews and more on several different podcasts that are each dedicated to UNLEASHING THE GEEK IN YOU!


GeekCast Radio Network is the ultimate destination for geek culture. When you visit The GCRN you can expect to find opinions on the latest news, TV, movies, video games, comics, and so much more! We have podcasts and written content on all these topics. After you check out all of that content let us at The GeekCast Radio Network take you inside events like Comic-Con, E3 and more…


The GeekCast Radio Network is based in a variety of states and even countries throughout our various hosts. Each of the hosts that we work with have their own unique personalities and strengths that they bring to the microphone talking about the entertainment industry. You can hear a different podcast every day of the week; we use a television block style of scheduling shows… So each weekday you have different shows on a daily basis! The overall headquarters of the network and the content itself is in the net.

When + Why

Founded June 1, 2009 The GCRN is made up of an all volunteer staff who takes the time and dedication to give you the listeners thousands of hours of content. After all we wanna UNLEASH THE TOON, COMIC, MOVIE, VIDEO GAME GEEK IN YOU!

(GeekCast Radio Network site design is currently at Version 10)


GCRN reads every Twitter Reply and Interacts highly with Facebook Comments.


###### Pageviews in 2018,
###### Sessions in 2018,
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###### Monthly Pageviews,
###### Monthly Sessions,
###### Monthly Users,
2.12 Pageviews Per Session,
2min 19s Avg Per Session,
22min Avg Daily Total Time Per User


GeekCast Radio Network has been linked to, mentioned by, and featured on IGN, Kotaku, GamingTargetengadget (Originally from Jotstiq), MLIVE, and many other geek websites.

Host TFG1Mike on The Pull Bag was quoted by IDW on Issue 55 of TMNT.

Featured on…

GeekCast Radio Network has been featured on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Reddit, and many more of the biggest social websites on the internet.


GeekCast Radio Network has attended the following events and festivals as accredited members of the press: GrandCon Gaming & Comics Convention, Boston Comic Con, and TFcon.

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