5 Career Paths Where You Can Get Paid to Be a Superhero

Are you just starting out and trying to decide what career path you will take? Maybe you’ve been in the workforce for a while, but you’re looking for a change. Have you ever thought about being a superhero? While the Avengers are not hiring at this moment, there are careers out there that allow you to be a superhero keeping people safe and making the world a better place.


Captain America has shown us that a career in the military is more than just a job. It is a way of life. Whether you choose to go into the military part-time or full-time, serving in the military allows you to put those superpowers of defending the nation to use. Not only that, the military provides you with training, education, and work experience in many different fields. The military, which consists of five main branches, defends the citizens of the United States of America by land, air, and sea. Joining the military really allows you to be a superhero as you serve to protect your fellow citizens.


Lawyers also serve and protect the good citizens of the United States. As a lawyer, you are part of the good-versus-evil fight as you defend the innocent or fight against criminals. Like Daredevil, you can fight the bad guys using the law to get the job done. Lawyers are not only superheroes but also advocates and advisors to citizens. Lawyers make sure people know their legal rights and help them fight for those rights. While pay varies, lawyers are among the best compensated and most prestigious professionals.

Medical Professional

You don’t have to be a world-renowned surgeon like Dr. Strange to be a hero. Several degrees, like medical assisting, can take as little as 20 months to complete and still make a huge difference in peoples’ lives. At some point in time, every citizen will need some form of medical attention, whether it be for a minor or life-threatening condition. Medical professionals are the superheroes who are there to care for the citizens as vigilantes fighting to ward off pain, misery, and disease. Not only are medical professionals superheroes to their patients, but they are also superheroes to the patients’ families.

Nonprofit Manager

Nonprofit organizations are much needed in today’s world to help citizens with relief from disasters, illnesses, financial burdens and more. Becoming a nonprofit manager gives you the superpower to help provide the much-needed support citizens require. Like Superman, nonprofit managers have to don their capes and help the citizens and the community by raising money for their cause. Having a talent for marketing and public relations is a good place to start since you will use marketing strategies to make plans, coordinate outreach programs and events, connect with donors, raise awareness and more.


Black Lightning has taught us that teachers are a whole breed of superheroes on their own. Not only are they fighting evil every day as they help students learn and grow at various speeds, but they are also meeting emotional and physical needs. They use their superpowers to help students who are struggling academically or starved for love and attention they don’t get at home. Teachers are the first line of defense for children whether the kids are just starting in school or finishing their last year. The bottom line is that teachers play a large part in shaping the superheroes of tomorrow.

Superheroes don’t always have to wear capes or fight evil. There are many jobs like those above where you can be a superhero by helping to save people, defend people, and provide for people’s needs. They are often mentors and role models and they are all around us. Superheroes in the real world are people who use their talents and abilities for good, especially in jobs like these. So if you’re looking for a job that will allow you to do those kinds of things, jobs like the ones above might be right up your alley.

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