5 Health and Wellness Channels Everyone Needs to Be Following

The rapid emergence of streaming services as a viable entertainment option has been a boon for the health and wellness industry looking to expand its reach through unique programming offerings. The number of options on the market can often be overwhelming but here are five of the top health and wellness channels available today:


This channel features Lauren Toyota, the much-beloved vegan chef known for creating healthy versions of classic comfort food. Visitors to this channel will delight in the unique recipes and general lifestyle tips offered up by the friendly host. These featured recipes provide ideas for casual everyday use as well as foods to serve up for any special occasion.


This exclusive Roku offering features the lifestyle company ASEA. Focused on harnessing the latest in technology to develop and market products, ASEA’s Roku Channel is committed to improving the lives of its customers through innovative health supplements and skincare products.


Model Brooke Burke-Charvet uses her extensive health and wellness background to assist viewers as they journey to a healthier version of themselves through a variety of exercises. Burke-Charvet’s fitness programs boast a loyal following because they are both easy to implement and highly effective. This inspirational channel will challenge its viewers to become the best version of themselves while having fun in the process.


Produced by AcaciaTV, this popular channel boasts over 100 hours of instructional exercise programs formulated to appeal to people of all ages and fitness levels. Because the programming is available on demand, users can be flexible with their exercise routines. The channel features a myriad of exercise options including yoga, pilates, barre, and basic weight loss routines.


This comprehensive channel provides a variety of programming all designed to give viewers health advice in a plethora of topics such as weight loss tips, diet and nutrition information, and qualified medical instruction. The channel has attracted a loyal following of viewers in large part because the segments are only five minutes or less, providing information in an easy to follow format. This practical channel truly has something for everyone.

These five health and wellness channels are just the tip of the iceberg. With a little exploration and experimentation, health and fitness enthusiasts are sure to find a variety of channels to meet their specific needs and preferences. Cheers to good health!


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