Computer And Console Gamer’s Guide To Cyber Security

Keep on top of the latest hacks and worms

In January of 2019, a flaw in the game Fortnite exposed players to a serious security threat. The vulnerability could have allowed hackers to take over any player’s account and access their private information. It was repaired, so you Fortniters can rest well – at least for tonight. But clearly, hackers will go to just about any lengths to swipe sensitive data. From apps to computers, there are an increasing number of avenues through which hackers can strike. By following the “CIA Triad” of steps for cyber security, however, you’ll be well-equipped to put a stop to their shenanigans. It’s easy to follow, even for noobs.

Confidentiality Of Your Info

Perhaps the most well-known component of the CIA Triad is the “C”, which stands for confidentiality. In the good old days, this would have been your password, but that’s not quite enough anymore. In addition to creating a strong password, activate two-step authorization/verification. Most places offer this, including the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live (which is extra good news if that Fortnite threat freaked you out). Data encryption (like that offered through a VPN) is also a good way to keep things locked down. This form of proactive measure for cyber security plays a critical role on the front line of your protectio, but hackers can still weasel their way in, which is why defense needs multiple layers.

Integrity Of Data Processing

Along with confidentiality, it’s important to maintain the integrity of your data (“I”) as it’s being processed (transferred, stored, etc.) so that it isn’t altered, deleted or tampered with. Set file permissions and user access controls so that unauthorized parties are kept out, and if you’re serious about cyber security and/or have a network of computers to protect, consider adding tools that can detect any alterations or unauthorized access of your data, like Checksum. If you’re solely a console gamer, securing your data might not seem as important, but remember that your console is also a computer. It runs on a different operating system, it but has similar vulnerabilities to a PC. Install an antivirus, use only DL games from reputable sources, and keep your wifi secure.

Availability Of Functional Components

Equally important is well-maintained and up-to-date hardware, software and security equipment. The “A” in the CIA triad represents the availability of these features. This helps to avoid any malfunction that could cause a security risk. It also eliminates any flaws in software, such as in your firewall, antivirus or operating system, that could give hackers any loopholes. This is why Windows has so many updates: those patches actually serve a purpose. Make sure you download updates and patches to all your games as well: as annoying is it may be, it’s worth it in the long run.

Cyber security involves multiple layers to provide ample protection. Using this CIA approach covers the three vital areas, and thus, covers you (and any embarrassing photos or chats you have stashed away).


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