Turning Your Animal Friends Into Geeks

Turning Your Animal Friends Into Geeks

Animals have got a special place in the pantheon of fandoms and geekdoms. From one of Fallout 4’s best features, Dogmeat, a replica of real-life hound River, to Spot in Star Trek, pets have captured the hearts of geeks. What if you could take this to the real world? All over the world, owners are turning their pets into real life geeks of their own. There are loads of great examples to pull from. Applying a safety-first approach, you can turn your own furry friend into an embodiment of your geek interests.

Man’s best friend

As the saying goes, dogs are man’s best friend. They are also one of the prime candidates for a geek-ification, given the wide range of products for dogs the industry has made for the four-legged helpers. There are few more famous than Gary Fisher, Carrie Fisher’s companion. Lifestyle mag Vanity Fair noted how Gary wore a Rebel Pilot suit for the Last Jedi premiere. If you want to geek out your dog, first make sure he or she is comfortable in an outfit – it would be unfair otherwise. With that established, make sure it’s a safe outfit that won’t cause any restriction of movement or have fittings that could be chewed on to adverse results.

Making felines geeky

Cats already have a distinct place in the internet and geek arena. Grumpy cat, Snoopy, Lil Bub and Colonel Meow have gained fame for their distinct place in electronic culture. How can you geekify a cat, though? Look to something as simple as Maru, the box-loving cat. Cats generally won’t abide costume well, but their fascination with cardboard boxes and containers gives you an opportunity to geekify your pet without causing any distress and – probably – giving them a bit of fun.

Futuristic fish owners

Most pet owners will have a dog or cat, but fish are equally as popular across the world. It’s very straightforward to make your fish geeky, simply being a case of pimping their tank. Think LEDs, water features, and different refractive glasses to make the spectacle inside that bit geekier. The depths of the ocean present lots of inspiration; think the Sea Devils from Dr Who, the Kraken and The Hydra.

Pets are an extension of our personalities and are therefore a great opportunity for a geek makeover. Just be wary of their individual needs and priorities. With that in line, get creative and have fun with your furry – or scaled – friend.

Article written by: Jennifer Master

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