How to Create Screen-Realistic Stormtrooper Armor

Star Wars is one of the most successful movie franchises in history. Fans from all over the world love the characters. People have wanted to replicate the costumes since the first film. There are many fan clubs and organizations that have brought the Stormtrooper armor to life. If you are looking to create your own costume, there are a few ways to accomplish this task.

When you first start to build Stormtrooper armor, it may seem like a daunting job. Where do you begin? The costume can be extremely difficult to recreate. Don’t let that worry you. There are a few resources that you can use to create your own screen accurate Stormtrooper armor.

Join a Costuming Group or Organization

Cosplay has been gaining in popularity over the past few years. Many organizations exist where Star Wars fans can help each other. These groups assist others in creating realistic costumes from the film. Many of them have been around since the film debuted in 1977. One large organization is known as the 501st Legion. They have members from all over the world. They come together and create screen-accurate costumes. There are certain standards established for each character. If you want to build a costume for the group, you are advised to read their rules. Not all costumes are accepted into the group. You can always reach out to a member if you have a question. If you are looking for a pattern that was used in the film, someone in the group will have it for you. Building the armor does take a lot of time. Many of these clubs hold events where they help each other with their builds. This organization is not all about building costumes. They hold many charitable events throughout the world too.

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Find Resources Online

If there is not a group around your area, there are plenty of resources online. The Stormtrooper costume is one of the most popular builds in the Star Wars fandom. With a quick search online, you can find many how-to tutorials for the armor. There are a lot of ways for you to create your own costume. If you are looking to create screen-accurate armor, there are only certain materials that can be used. The costume consists of many parts that need to be molded in order to fit your frame. There are also little details on the costume that are very important to create the right look. Every detail of the costume has been photographed and studied by costumers. Even the paint must be a perfect match for the piece to be considered a screen-accurate costume.

Ask Other Star Wars Fans

There are many online resources available to you. Social media is filled with groups dedicated to the Star Wars films. Many people have successfully created their own costumes. You can always join one of these groups and ask for advice. They should be able to point you in the right direction for your Stormtrooper build. Fans will often update other members with their progress through videos and pictures. If a particular piece has left you scratching your head, go ahead and ask for help. Many members know about the difficulties that can arise with a build. They are happy to help out a fellow Star Wars fan.

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Buy a Kit

If you don’t want the hassle of building a whole costume from scratch, you can also order a kit online. Some companies already have the hard plastic modeled for you. It is then your responsibility to attach everything together. But don’t think you can open the box and immediately wear the costume. It will take time for you to assemble the kit. The costume comes in several pieces. Some of them may even have to be sanded down to fit your particular measurements. There are also other pieces you may have to purchase to get the completed look.

Prepare Yourself

Wearing the armor is not easy. It can be bulky and heavy for the first time user. The helmets can also cut down on your field of vision. Many costume groups will have handlers that help the Stormtroopers during events. Once you have worn the costume for a couple of times, you will get used to the weight and feel of the armor. You can then take it to any event and have fun.

Star Wars fans love the movie. If you are a fan of the Stormtroopers, you can create your own costume. With a few resources, you can recreate the look of Darth Vader’s most trusted soldiers.

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