Improving Yourself – The Geek’s Guide To Success

Approximately 26% of serious video gamers have depression, and managing those mental health challenges can make finding success and self-improvement a challenging task. Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard to work and self-improvement to get to a point that you can be happily retired with your nerdy hobbies available to you 24/7. It doesn’t need to take years of pain and suffering to improve your relationships, careers, and happiness – just a little bit of drive and planning. And as a self-confessed geek, it’s likely that you’re already well-equipped with the skills to do just that.

Tackling Mental Health

With such a high percentage of video gamers and self-proclaimed geeks and nerds struggling with mental health disorders, it’s important to start by seeing a mental health professional if you’re worried about the role a mental health challenge is playing in your life. There’s nothing shameful about reaching out for help, and it’s often debated in geek circles that Batman likely had depression due to his well-known and tragic past. By seeing a therapist or psychologist and treating your mental health at the root, you may find increased energy, better overall moods, and a newfound drive to try new activities and challenges. Of course, mental health struggles won’t go away overnight and may take months or years to effectively manage and cope with. Taking responsibility for your actions and finding ways to improve upon them will help immensely in the personal joy you find in your life.

Monetizing Your Hobbies

Are you a comic book, video game, or trading card aficionado? Use that to your advantage and monetize your hobbies. If you like comic books, consider becoming a comic book trader as a side hustle to increase your income and help you save. If video games are more your style, try writing reviews, selling games, or becoming a video game tester. Video game testing is highly competitive, but if you never try, you’ll never know. Last, but certainly not least, consider monetizing your trading card hobby by collecting and reselling valuable cards.

There are other ways to turn your time-sucking hobbies into a valuable side hustle or career. For example, board game bars have become great businesses in larger cities, drumming up business from both indie board game lovers and regular drinkers alike. Board game bars often host tournaments and have drink specials named after and catered to board game and trading card fans.

Simply by improving your mental health and monetizing your hobbies, you can find yourself living a life of improved satisfaction and meaning. After all, who said a geek can’t find happiness?

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