Keeping It Nerdy… After Retirement

While retirement can be daunting (as changing your everyday routine always is), it can also be the best time of your life—especially for the geek community. 48% of people say their expectations of life after retirement are met, but it’s entirely possible to raise that number. Here are a few tips on how to manage your post-work life with ease and exceed your expectations.

Feeling Younger

As geeks, all know the importance of this community for children, but it’s just as important for adults as we age too—you may feel out of touch with the youth, but especially with the Avengers series receiving so much acclaim from younger generations, geek culture an easily accessible way to connect with them. If you don’t have any children in your family that take an interest in this sort of thing, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer with kids. Volunteering means you aren’t just spreading the nerd gospel: you’re helping grow the next generation (pun intended) of convention goers and creating meaningful connections that are beneficial to your own happiness, as well as helping your community and underprivileged kids.

Geekdom Costs…

The only problem with leading this lavish fandom life is that it can get expensive unless your wallet is the TARDIS. With popular conventions costing a couple of hundred dollars—before merchandise, photo opportunities, and autographs—you’ll need to make sure you’re financially prepared for retirement. Taking the right steps to retire with enough spending money to cover your cost of living, and your cost of fun is crucial for staying out of the ⅓ of retirees who end up going back to work. And with conventions, movies, comic book store events, board game meetups, and more to go to, you definitely want all the free time you can get.

As We Age (of Ultron)

Whether you’re retiring due to age, or because of health reasons, sometimes it’s hard to spend as much time on your feet as you used to as a young cosplayer. Thankfully, because the nerd community is inherently inclusive, many conventions can make accommodations for you—including wheelchairs, special seating, and autograph sessions, and rest areas. So whether you’re cosplaying Captain Picard or Professor X, there is both room and time for you.

To all the aging geeks out there: the younger generation needs this community and they need you to be a part of it… And not just so you can be their default Gandalf, Dumbledore, or Palpatine. They need you to light the way for the future. You’re the true Guardians of the Galaxy.

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