Looking Towards the Future: The Impact of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is made up of devices that are connected to internet networks and share data. These include any device that can connect to the internet, not just computers and smartphones. IoT is used to collect data and when analyzed can help to solve problems and help make life more convenient for consumers.

Security Concerns

IoT and having a complex IoT system can lead to some security concerns. IoT can be very useful in helping to collect data, but can have vulnerabilities, especially if IoT is just being implemented. One concert with security is lack of password protection. Weak passwords can allow hackers to attack, and this can impact many devices because of their link to IoT. IoT devices may be secure at the time of purchase, however regular updates to these can be overlooked, but are important. Without updates, IoT devices can be exposed. IoT devices also need secure interfaces, data protection, and management done properly.

Increased Connectivity

There could be one trillion connected devices in less than fifteen years. Because so many devices could be connected, using IoT technology can help to create smart cities. These IoT networks can be used to gather data and analyze it into information that can help leaders, businesses, and citizens make decisions to improve quality of life. In this way, increased connectivity to make smart cities can help solve problems in these cities. Increased use of IoT can help with energy distribution, trash collection, traffic congestion and air quality.

Artificial Intelligence

IoT can help with machine learning, which is an artificial intelligence that helps machines learn without having to be programmed. These machines utilize data they receive to learn what your preferences are and adjust to those preferences. Smart home hubs, smart speakers, thermostats, door locks, and lighting systems are among the many devices that are part of an IoT network and can help collect data to drive artificial intelligence. These devices can continue to learn what your preferences are, making your life more convenient.

IoT is going to continue to grow as 5G networks continue to grow. IoT can help make life more convenient for consumers through AI technology and it can help in solving problems in cities by creating smart cities. As it continues to grow, there may be some security concerns which can be dealt with by ensuring networks are secure and devices are up to date.

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