The 3 Coolest Cars from Geek Cinema

Geek cinema is big business, with 11 of the 15 highest-grossing movies of all time belong to this genre. While what constitutes a “geeky” movie can be hard to define, you know it when you see it. But more specifically, these movies are united under a front of cool costumes, futuristic technology, heroes and villains, and awe-inspiring vehicles. The latter characteristic, in particular, is worth exploring, as cool cars can truly create a geeky film experience that’s unforgettable.

DeLorean, Back to the Future Series

The DMC DeLorean was a short-lived sports car that made almost no cultural mark until director Robert Zemeckis selected it for the time machine in Back to the Future. Fast forward 30-plus years and it’s one of the most recognizable cars in North America. The DeLorean was chosen because it looks like a space ship so that when it takes off into another time, the transition looks spectacular – and the filmmakers achieved this effect perfectly. There’s no way to bring to mind Back to the Future without also evoking the DeLorean.

Aston Martin DB5, James Bond Franchise

Some people might want to debate whether James Bond belongs to geek cinema, but the movies meet all the above criteria and then some, especially in regards to the awe-inspiring vehicle. Throughout the series, Bond owns and operates a lot of vehicles, but the most iconic one is the Aston Martin DB5. As his personal car, the Aston Martin differs from Bond’s other cars because it is a real model that comes with actual positive ratings and reports, unlike the novelty-selected DeLorean and the fictional vehicle to come. Of course, Bond’s Aston Martin is customized with bulletproof windows, radar, smoke screens, and ejector seats.

Batmobile, Batman Franchise

Not only is the Batmobile the most iconic vehicle in geek cinema, but it’s also arguably the most iconic vehicle in cinema as a whole. After making its film debut in 1966’s Batman as a modified Lincoln Futura, the Batmobile went through a number of looks, reaching full badassery in the Dark Knight trilogy. Nicknamed the “Tumbler,” this Batmobile was conceived as a Lamborghini crossed with a tank. Production designers aced that look and gave us the coolest Batmobile to date.

Vehicles are one of the biggest parts of geek culture – especially those that come from movies. Back to the Future’s DeLorean, James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, and Batman’s Batmobile are the best cars that geek cinema has to offer. Will these kings ever be dethroned?

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