The Importance of Playtime For Today’s Children

Make Playtime Matter: Introducing Your Kids To The MCU

Dressing up as superheroes, building forts out of blankets and organizing games are memories that most adults associate with childhood. But what about modern-day playtime? Children between the ages of 2 and 10 are spending an average of 18.6 hours on devices and under 10 hours a week on outdoor play. This may even be linked to the lack of interest by parents. Now’s the time to find the middle and encourage playtime that you can both enjoy.

While every child is different, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate MCU into playtime. The Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU is thought, by many, to be one of the most unique universes created in cinematic existence. The films inspire both kids and the kid-at-heart, as they bring a sense of nostalgia to those who grew up reading the comics. So, when the time comes to raise a family, adults are getting creative with how they incorporate their childhood favorites. After all, embracing the Marvel Universe isn’t just about screen time, but an invitation to create play.

Bringing Avengers to Life

There are plenty of Marvel games and toys to encourage creative play. In fact, you might even embrace their favorite character’s persona with fully-equipped gear from head to wheels. If your child is too young to read the comics, watching the films offers the perfect gateway into the Marvel Universe. After all, no kid wants to watch The Hulk talk through his struggles in the early days.

The first cartoons to start the kids on would be Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, which introduces the Avengers one by one, and even links them to how we will see in future MCU films. You and your child can play trivia games, or even re-enact their favorite parts of the movie.

Creating Special Bonds in a Heroic Way

Starting from Captain America’s shield shoot down to Hawkeyes archery, there are plenty of games to try with your tiny Avengers. Incorporating these activities into your child’s play at home is not only exciting, but the perfect way to build physical skills and development, in addition to your special bonding moments. After all, what child could forget the times they spent re-enacting their favorite scenes with their family? Just don’t forget the costumes: it isn’t a true Avengers play time without the iconic costumes on hand.

So, what’s the biggest benefit of introducing your child to the MCU? The amount of time spent between you and your child is limited, especially for working parents. No matter what games, puzzles, or films you choose, be sure to choose them together. Avengers Assemble!
Article written by: Jennifer Master
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