What Do Your Favorite Superhero Movie Directors Actually Do?

When you’re caught up in the action and excitement of a great superhero movie, you can easily forget that these movies aren’t just made out of thin air. There are people like directors who are responsible for making sure that everything is going according to plan and that the film is presented in a cohesive manner. These are some of the responsibilities of what directors do.

They Control the Entire Movie

Directors are responsible for determining the tone of the movie, so they need to be comfortable with the subject matter. Superhero movies can be tough to nail, as they need to be lighthearted but also not so lighthearted that audiences don’t actually feel involved. A few plot holes or some underwhelming performances can be forgiven if the overall direction is strong. However, there’s no looking past a lack of directorial competence. When the tone is cohesive, everything can fall in place more smoothly.

They Help Actors Act Better

According to Zacuto, the right director can help an actor find new notes in a character. While directors do need to respect their actors and their abilities, they should also find ways to mentor them to help them better see the complexities of a character. They can also help actors to get on the same page, as some people might have contrasting acting styles that wouldn’t mesh well in the same film. If a director does their job properly, you should be able to buy that everyone in a film inhabits the same universe, even if their personalities are different.

They Make Sure the Script Doesn’t Suck

According to The Independent Film School, film schools teach screenwriters to write irresistible scripts by writing irresistible characters. Directors might not always have screenwriting credits, but they definitely can have the final word on whether something in a script stays or goes. When a screenwriter is also the director, you can end up with some seriously shoddy dialogue that goes unvetted, such as in the “Star Wars” prequels. Good directors don’t completely upend a script and ruin the intentions of the screenwriter. Instead, they focus on ways they can bring out the best in the script. They should also be open to actors finding ways to make their characters feel more well-rounded, such as through allowing for improvisation.

When a director does their job, you forget you’re watching a movie and instead become absorbed in the plot. However, you can still appreciate their work and how they’re able to control the action and keep everything running smoothly. The next time you see a movie, try to think about the role of the director and see how their decisions help the film succeed.

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