What Motivates You In Your Geekiness?

This blog currently holds a level of mystery for me. I am currently going through a moment of, “What motivates me?” A question I have lost the answer to. I don’t know if you’ve ever hot one of these points where you wonder where to go but it kind of sucks.

From someone whose always been creative, I’m hitting this plateau that I knew internally it has been coming for sometime but I’ve tried to hide it. I’ve lost my motivation…

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, I love doing the shows, the website, the challenges of it all but I’m hitting this point of does it really matter? Is what I’m doing bringing people to think and be happier or more knowledgeable or is it a colossal waste of time?

Not saying I’m quitting the GCRN or podcasting as I know that’s not happening despite my internal struggle. I feel I have this itch to do and try something new but not sure where to go with it. I’ve experimented on the 300+ episodes of Altered Geek with various formats trying to find “it.” Aside from that, the conversations have been great with the differing hosts but I want to do more.

I’m missing the movie reviews, the internet talk, the segment portions, and other shows I used to run but lacked the time to commit to entirely. So it’s been this inner turmoil trying to weave it back into Altered Geek where previously I’d screwed myself saying, “Want this (Insert Topic), then go to (Insert Podcast Title).” So now I’m at this point of trying to rebuild and recollect what’s fun into a new thing. The show admittedly is longer than I’d like but I think the substance is there.

I think the other thing that motivates me is the occasional mental purge through writing and podcasts. I unwind through these methods or putting things on paper, podcasting, playing games, watching tv, movies and animation. Recently I have been going back and watching old TV shows, movies and playing older games trying to rediscover things and find a fresh perspective.

So “What motivates you in your geekiness?” Or simpler for GCRN listeners, how do you “UNLEASH The Geek In YOU” everyday?

This has been just a part of the rebirth of “Chronicles of Steve” styled blogs. If you’d like to see more, let me know. Mostly these will be opinion based but may delve into other areas as well.


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