Why Building Technology Skills is Critical for Your Career

Have you ever wondered how your technology skills could impact your future career? If you’ve always worked well with technology and computers, you’ve come to the right place. There are many reasons why developing your technical skills could be beneficial to you in the future. Here are a few ways that your technology skills could critically impact your career specifically. 

More Careers Are Technology-Based

First off, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of careers available to people with a technology background. There are many jobs, internships, and entire companies that are based around technology. Developing your technology skills early on in your education can help you to set a great foundation for your future. As you continue your education, you can start to specialize in a certain technological aspect that will help you to qualify for positions that are more “in demand.” The more technical skills you’ve developed, the more doors will be opened to you as far as your career goes. 

Entertainment Relies on Technology

Next, there will always be a demand for technological careers because entertainment relies on technology. Most people spend numerous hours each day viewing some kind of entertainment whether that is the news, a television program, a streaming service, a video series, etc. The demand for creative, fresh, innovative, entertainment has never been higher, which means that there is also a huge demand for the technology that backs all of that entertainment. From the invention and maintenance of the filming equipment to the software programs that allow for video editing, there are numerous kinds of technology that go into the creation of entertainment. 

Supply Chains Run on Technology

Another very common use of technology in careers occurs in the different levels of the supply chain. When people think of the supply chain, they often think about shipping companies and huge storage bins that get transported across oceans. However, there is a lot of technology and software that facilitates these systems, and without them, the supply chain itself wouldn’t exist. For example, there are lots of huge shipping suppliers, like U-line, that have lots of supplies that they sell to thousands of companies, but they wouldn’t be able to function without their online websites and selling platforms. 

Businesses Need IT Experts

If you aren’t interested in working so much behind the scenes, but still want to help out with computer issues, working as an IT expert for a business could be a great option for you. Many businesses, both small and large, hire an IT expert to work on-site and make sure that all of their computers and systems are working as they should. More than 80% of IT breaches could have been prevented using modern technology. As an IT expert, you would likely be troubleshooting a lot with computer software, online programs, code, or even other technology such as wi-fi or machinery. Since so many businesses have countless technological elements today, there will always be a huge demand for IT experts no matter where you go. 

Technology Facilitates Communication

As many people learned during the lockdowns of COVID-19, one of the greatest benefits of technology is that it facilitates communication between people. Of course, this occurs on a personal level when you do a video chat with your family members, but technological communication is also very necessary for businesses. Many businesses today are using various methods of communication that are supported by technology such as SMS messaging, website support chats, email lists, and social media messaging. For this reason, there are lots of careers in communication technology. 

Technology Helps with Marketing

Similar to the way that technology helps with communication, it also helps businesses with their marketing efforts. There are few businesses, even including local small businesses, that don’t use technology to do their marketing. Gone are the days of newspaper ads, as advertising is now run through websites, social media, emails, and texting lists. Companies are always trying to come up with flashy ads, funny commercials, clever short videos, and much more to advertise their services. If you have a lot of skills when it comes to technology, but you also have an artsy or creative side, helping with technological marketing could be a great career fit for you. 

Social Media Relies on Technology

Millions of people each day spend hours on social media staying in contact with their loved ones, discovering businesses, and shopping. Social Media has created many careers for people with technology skills. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need to build a new social media platform, but many businesses need help managing their social media from a technological standpoint. For example, you could create software that would schedule, organize, and publish social media posts, which would help businesses to better manage their accounts. 

Technology Facilitates Transactions

Finally, another very important use of technology is that it facilitates monetary transactions, whether they are personal or business-related. Every business website that has a marketplace feature needs to have transaction technology for their customers to pay for their services or products. More importantly, the transaction process needs to be trustworthy and reliable. If the transaction technology is overly complicated, customers likely won’t go through with the transaction. The same technological needs also apply to companies that run credit cards, banking services, or payroll, as they require up-to-date technology to have good transactions. 

So, if you’ve been wondering whether or not your technology skills will ever come into use, remember that your career possibilities are endless. Keep in mind the different career options that have been discussed in this article, but remember that these are only a few examples of the ways that your technological skills can be used. If you take the time to research the different options that are available to you, you’ll find many more doors open to you. As you pair your knowledge of technology with your personality and talents, you’ll be sure to find a career that is rewarding, satisfying, and fun.

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