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Chronicles of Steve – Summer Vacation

So this year was like any other except it’s my ten years at work on September 11th. Yes I realize the date has other significance but that’s also why I remember it so much. That being said I was burnt out and ready for a vacation. For ONCE in my life I looked forward to it alone and not the impending doom of returning to work to catch up. My stress level and irritability ratings were at an all time high and I questioned whether I still cared about anything or doing any of this any longer.

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. While I will be taking it easier from here on out unless the need arises, I still am very much involved again. There were some projects here though that I wanted to do but the timing and the stress weren’t allowing it for me. So those will be pushed to the first quarter of next year.

So getting to my trip, it was a 10 hour drive. Let that sink in for a moment. I had my wife, and my 3 year old son and 1 year old son as well as all we had packed for the week. The mission at hand in my Chevrolet Equinox branded shuttlecraft was to Wisconsin. I live in Michigan and it’s been a few years. We were going to visit my brother in law with their family for a few days, run the waterparks of the Wisconsin Dells and then hang out with an old friend of ours from high school who we miss.

The waterparks were Noahs Ark and Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus I enjoyed more. In the past we’ve done The Wilderness and Kalahari waterparks. So this was something new. The best part was (when the kids were happy and rested) watching as my boys enjoyed the pools, the slides and the water of it all. It was refreshing and fun getting to sit back and watch them just have a blast being kids and enjoying life.

The trip back wasn’t as fun but it was the dredded drive and we did it at night. So yeah we got a little tired.

Suffice it to say the trip was fun and relaxing despite the busy schedule. I felt refreshed coming back into the fray of real life. Having accomplished something in life and not online I was feeling alive moreso than I’d felt in a few months. I am attempting with (3 days) back so far to keep the momentum going so we’ll see.

I miss doing my podcasts, I missed some of the work, my pets and my gaming but most of all my day to day normalcy. Vacation was a blast and can’t wait for the days off I can take for my other one sporadically. I have to say having a recharge and unplug seems to be good for everyone. We’re such a plugged in society I feel like we all become so irritable over things that don’t matter as much as life, experiences and the people around us. Don’t get me wrong I still love me some internets but there has to be a balance. I still have no idea what I plan to do from day to day but I think I’ll have an easier time deciding that.

I’ve avoided most tv shows and movies unless I have a burning desire to watch them and have tried to enlighten my mind lately with new experiences using this summer as a catalyst for it.

The only downside was really couldn’t afford to go as money is so tight lately and with bill payments constantly going up (house, cable, etc.) it makes it difficult.

So how has your summer or vacation been? What have you accomplished? What have you done that’s new? Have you unplugged and recharged? What difficulties are you having to overcome?

Let me know and hope you have a great summer.

Steve Megatron signing off.

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