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FROM THE DESK OF TFG1MIKE! – For the Love of Art Part One


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TFG1Mike here, and welcome to my NEW personal type blog here on The GCRN. I struggled in whether or not to even do this. I’m still gonna keep it geeky, but I figured getting a bit more personal might be a nice touch. I’m going to be focusing on positive type stuff I see in the world. So today I present to you….


For The Love Of Art!

I’ve been an art lover ever since I was in kindergarten attempting to finger-paint! Yeah that didn’t turn out well. As my grade school years moved along we consistently had art classes, and I consistently was bad at art. At thirty-six years old I can draw a passably good stick figure, and weird outline drawings of what my future dream home could look like. Nevertheless I still love art, any kind of art. Whether that be paintings, writing <– yes it’s a form of art, movie posters, or other posters in general. Also art prints from comic artists, and more.

TFTM poster

I have a decent size poster collection, it’s not huge at the moment, but  have about 10 film or animated posters. I have plaque type stuff from when the Boston Red Sox won the 2004 World series! YES I’m originally from Boston, and BOSTON SPORTS RULE!!! In the past year my buddy Joe Reed who does The Pull Bag TMNT eps with me got me 2 prints from Will Jones Art. They are of Nightwing and Batgirl. I also bought a print from Blond The Colorist of Nightwing and Batgirl. My buddy Doug from the Talkin’ Bout My Generation podcast got me a TMNT litho signed by the IDW TMNT comic team! <– Can’t wait to see that thing in person! I’ve always appreciated and loved comic art in the books and as prints.



Since Jen and I have been dating long distance and online… What really made me fall for Jen was her art. Absolutely love the crossover ideas she comes up with. In the early days of our courtship last year, I’d spend hours watching her livestream her art skills. I’m still watching her livestreams to this day, because it’s one way we spend time together, until we can be together in person. With having an artist for a Girlfriend, it has reignited my love to create my own work. Hence why I’m even doing this blog. As Jen and I went month after month dating… I’d write her poetry, and that influenced her to be inspired to draw, and vice versa with me. When I saw an idea she was working on or a finished piece. It would inspire me to be creative in my own way.

Batman Forever Poster #2

IDW TMNT 45-50 litho

What I love about art is that there is so much of it to look at, you can pick your favorites from any medium of art. For me it’s prints and posters. After all I am a geek, yet I can still appreciate the classic artists and their work. So movie posters I’ve had in  the past, but don’t anymore due to moving over the years etc…. These included 1995’s GoldenEye posters!!! LOVED all that stuff, I had all the Batman Forever posters, now keep in mind this was 1995 and I was 15 years old! Every 15-year-old male that year was drooling over Nicole Kidman as Dr. Chase Meridian in Batman Forever!!!

Picture 903


As of 2016 my goal is to over the next few years to collect as many cool posters and art prints I can, so that when Jen and I eventually move in together, we can have a wall of art that is the stuff we love, and another one showcasing her art!! For me the “Love of Art” means anything that makes you feel something, whether that be the written or spoken word, a song, a film, a comic, TV show, a video game <—- YES Video Games can be ART!!!! Pretty much anything you can think of can be art to you, me, and everyone else on this planet. Right now I can’t wait to see what Jen creates in the future!!


So please sound off in the comments and let me know what kind of art you love! So for me I’m gonna transform and roll on outta here! Join Me next time for my post entitled FROM THE DESK OF TFG1MIKE: I LIVE on Social Media! – My Cot is Over There! ——>!! 

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