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FROM THE DESK OF TFG1MIKE! – I LIVE on Social Media My Cot is Over There —->


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TFG1Mike here, and welcome to my NEW personal type blog here on The GCRN. I struggled in whether or not to even do this. I’m still gonna keep it geeky, but I figured getting a bit more personal might be a nice touch. I’m going to be focusing on positive type stuff I see in the world. So today I present to you….

I LIVE on Social Media My Cot is over there! —–>

Since the advent of Social Media and having an online presence, I’ve fully engrossed myself in it. I’ve been on Twitter and Facebook since about 2008, and in all that time my life online has been better in the last 8 years, than it was back in 1998-2002! Granted in the old days we dealt with yahoo and MSN messenger vs Skype these days. Video chatting was in its infancy. However in 2016 it’s commonplace. From 1998-2003 I was online, then due to real life happening all around me… I didn’t find the internet again until 2006. Since then I’ve been online all the time. December 12, 2008 I started my first podcast The TFG1 Podcast. Reviewing all 98 cartoons of the original Transformers 80s cartoon. After that Steve Megatron and I launched The GeekCast Radio Network June 1, 2009. The rest as they say is history. Because honestly…. you’ve heard that story before.

What I’m here to talk about today is the fact that  I LIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! My cot is over there —-> You might be asking WTF does that mean? That means no matter how well-intentioned my friends, family, fans, whatever the rest of you people are… point out stories or cool things to me on the internet….Chances are I saw it 5-50 minutes before you pointed it out. I make it a main directive to be as informed as I can be on my geeky interests. Whether that’s the NEw justice League Film trailer, or LEGO BATMAN trailer…. Or new casting for Avengers Infinity War. Whatever it might be, ninety-nine times outta a hundred I’ve seen it. Now I’m not saying I do not appreciate my friends point stuff out to me. That’s what friends are for right? However when I’ve seen a story a full day before someone else might see it… it kinda gets on my nerves. Now let me clarify… if someone mentions me on twitter with ….. “HEY Did you see this?” Then I most likely won’t be annoyed, but if it’s just something like “NEW Mega Man cartoon” … then it might get under my skin a bit. It’s NOT THE END OF THE WORLD though, and I know that. Besides there are more important things to be worrying about in this world, than what the NEW Mega Man cartoon’s plot might be. I don’t wanna sound hypocritical here by I might because I’m betting that half the time when I post newsy type stuff… I assume everyone on my “friends list” on Facebook will see my post. It’s more of a double-edged sword, because I know not all three hundred and something of my friends see everything I post. (I TEND TO POST A LOT OF STUFF!! Because I live on social media)!

It is just my way of interacting with the world without NEEDING to go outside into the real world. Because the real world can be just as scary as the internet sometimes. Honestly I’m more of a loner in real life. I prefer a VERY SMALL group of friends getting together, rather than a whole group of 20 or more. For me between 2 and 8 friends is a fine outing in the real world. The crux of the situation is though…. I’ve built up my online friendships more than friends in real life. I’m sure if I met all my online friends in real life we’d all have a blast. However because of this internet thing, and ya know everyone living in different places…. It’s kinda hard to meet them all at once. I get most of my news from Facebook, and since I’m almost ALWAYS on my computer unless I’m sleeping or GASP not at home. I tend to see everything I’m interested in immediately.


Before I go check out 2 podcasts on Social Media we did on GeekCast Radio back in 2011



So please sound off in the comments and let me know when do you normally see news items or posts on Facebook and Twitter?! And to do like or dislike being tagged in said posts?? For now though I’m gonna transform and roll on outta here! Join me next time for my post entitled FROM THE DESK OF TFG1MIKE: Has Being a Geek Become Less Special?

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