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TFG1MIKE 365 – 2019 Day 25 – SHOPPING! In Store or Online?

TFG1MIKE 365 – 2019 Day 25

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Shopping! in Store or Online?

Hello all and welcome to a NEW Daily Blog series from me… TFG1Mike! The idea here is for me to write something, anything, once a day for 365 days. From January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. In my 25th entry, I’ll be talking about SHOPPING!, online and in store. It’s been one month since Christmas 2018, have you recovered from Holiday Shopping yet?

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We all love to shop right? Everyone in the world loves to shop, but it seems that Americans are super shopaholics! The way we shop sure has changed in my nearly 39 years of being alive. I remember as a kid, when my Mom would go grocery shopping, and we would come home with a ton of bags… Filled to the brim with food for the next few weeks, and having both paper and plastic bags. It surprises me that the grocery tote bags weren’t a bigger deal in the 80s and 90s… I mean everyone was about saving the environment back then, but yet we all still used paper or plastic. The other thing about plastic bags at least is, do you reuse them, save them, or just throw them away? I used to save them all the time, but I’d eventually throw them away as they filled up one corner of my kitchen. I know my Mom used to reuse them all the time though. My wife and I recently took both of the grocery totes on a food shopping trip to Wal-Mart. Instead of getting the Wal-Mart plastic bags, we had the cashier put everything in our two totes. We fit about two weeks worth of food in both of these things. People need to use these more!

In the 80s and 90s it was all about catalog shopping, or shopping from your TV. Everyone knows they’ve bought at least one thing from an infomercial. I had my Mom buy my the 2 CD set of “Cool Rock” once.

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I remember everyone got in trouble with infomercial shopping, it’s so damn addictive. Especially when you have salesmen like Billy Mays and RonCo selling you stuff. That Ron guy could sell you a “Set it Forget it” Rotisserie in an instant! My Mom eventually bought one!

Then there’s the Sears Wishbook, and JC Penney’s Christmas catalogs! I wanted everything from both books, every single Christmas as a kid. My Mom even ordered stuff out of them for me for several Christmases. We now live in a world where online shopping has become key to our shopping habits. Honestly half the time I’d rather shop online, than go to a store and do it. We even have grocery delivery services these days. It’s my dream come true of never having to leave the house! What I love about online shopping is the convenience, no waiting in long lines, and you can find everything you want right in your own home office. I also love that online shopping has virtually made Black Friday a nil event for me. I do love thinking back on the Black Friday shopping adventures that my Mom would take me on. However at this point in my life, I’d rather sit at my desk and click through all the deals. I used to complain, and sometimes I still do about grocery shopping, but with these totes we have now… It’s super easy on me. I like getting stuff sent to me, from buying online. I’m not shopping every minute of every day, but it feels like Christmas or my Birthday, every time something new shows up in the mail.  Then there is digital purchases. I was a huge DVD collector, but after awhile, I went to the streaming and storing option. Buying my TV shows and movies online. I even went from reading comics in print, to reading them digitally.

How do you do your shopping for anything that you want to buy? Do you make a list or just go and grab stuff? What is your preferred method of shopping in store or online? Let me know in the comments below!

Join me tomorrow morning January 26, 2019 as I’ll be writing about my listen through of Weezer’s Teal Album!

“Shop til you Drop!”

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