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TFG1MIKE 365 – 2023 Day 190 – Listening to MUSIC! & Reading COMICS!

TFG1MIKE 365 – 2023 Day 190!

Reading COMICS! & Listening to MUSIC!

Hello all and welcome to a NEW Daily Blog series from me… TFG1Mike! The idea here is for me to write something, anything, once a day for 365 days. From January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023. (So it has been about 21 days since my last entry). Y’all know from reading these in the past, that I’ve NEVER kept up with the daily blogging thing. I’ve set goals to do so, and I’ve tried my hardest, but at the end of the day, I just couldn’t stick with the routine. However I am trying my best, and honestly I just haven’t had that writing bug bite me in the ass in the last 21 days. However in my 190th entry, I’ll be talking about how my two biggest things over the last decade are COMICS and MUSIC!!!

I’ve been listening to music my whole life. I’ve been an avid reader of books my whole life, although as I’ve said many times on the podcasts, I was a CARTOON KID, not a COMICS KID growing up in the 80s! So we are going to break this down into both categories. First up is…


YES Music has been a constant in my life, there has only EVER been one time in my 43 years that I wanted NO MUSIC in my life, and that was right after BRAIN SURGERY in 2019The Funny thing about that post is that I say that the music and audiobooks were notes in the background back then after surgery… I actually turned everything off and was consumed by the silence, because at the time even music and the audiobooks were too much right after surgery. The funny thing is that A LOT has happened since 2019, but specifically from 2021 to now… It’s been really difficult. With losing Karen in 2021, I find now that I can’t be in any silent moment. Unless I’m asleep, I need to have something consuming me. Whether that is music, audiobooks, watching movies or TV etc. With falling asleep to the TV being on, it’s all about a narrator’s voice. The late great Peter Thomas, who was the narrator on Forensic Files, was always the one who I could just lay there and zonk out. Partly because I’d seen EVERY Forensic Files ep a million times over.

So music and me, I AM A NICKELBACK FAN! (I don’t care what anyone says!) I love their style, I love the way they mix the pump you up songs with the ballads! Breathe, Leader Of Men, Old Enough, and Worthy To Say are the four songs from The State album that I heard first. This was back in 1998, and ever since then I’ve always had Nickelback in my rotation. Every new album I get excited. However there has been ONE band that has dethroned NB from my #1 favorites spot, and that is BLACK STONE CHERRY!!!!! These Southern Rockers from Kentucky are just amazing! I first heard their third album Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea back in 2011, and I haven’t looked back. Karen and I even got to see them LIVE in 2018 right before the release of #BSC6 which was the 2018 Family Tree album. You can read that review HERE! And then check out all the Black Stone Cherry coverage I’ve done HERE! I just love these guys!!!!

Growing up in the 80s, it was an amazing time in the music landscape! It was the definitive decade that perfected the synthesizer! My number one favorite 80s band is Daryl Hall & John Oates! I actually got to see them in 1985 when I was 5 years old, although I only remember the ride home from the concert. I’ve been to a whole slew of concerts over the years, and I have a list somewhere…. Maybe that will be a future entry in TFG1Mike 365. The Concerts I’ve Attended List! Music is life for me, it is motivational, it can be the fact that sad songs say so much, or an upbeat song that energizes me. My “FAVES” playlist on Spotify has everything under the sun for the most part, and I can safely say that 85% of that list is songs and artists I listen to all the time. There are currently 1,450 songs and that adds up to 95 hours and 20 minutes of music! Granted I don’t listen to all of it all the time, but it’s there if I NEEEEEEED a certain song. I also have “The Go Go Go Playlist”! This is the playlist I use to motivate myself in the mornings!


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^ The Comic That Started It All! And it’s all Steve/Megatron’s Fault!

Comics hit me hard in 2012 and 2013 when I was 32 and 33 years old. 2012 was YEAR 3 of The GeekCast Radio Network, and 2013 was YEAR 4! In 2012 Steve/Megatron told me that THE JOKER was coming back in DC’s The New 52 Batman and other related titles. Now the image above is of my copy of Nightwing #15 from back then, but it is the image of The Joker’s face that got me hooked, plus I heard MARK HAMILL’s voice coming from that face! But after we did Batman New 52 Issues 13 through 17 Steve said we needed a separate podcast from GeekCast Radio to do more comics! March 6, 2013 THE PULL BAG was launched! This year marks ten years of the podcast, and I’ve gotten us to over 500 podcasts! We are about to record EP 539 and 540 soon!

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Comic Books are a medium where I think anything is possible. Given the time and the issue count, there are endless stories that can be told is comics. What I’ve loved about being entrenched in comics these last ten years is the variety. There have been soooo many things that I’ve read, that I might not have, and with doing the podcast, it’s easily my favorite thing to do.

Join me July 10, 2023 as I’ll be writing about getting the opportunity to interview one of my FAVORITE Radio DJs and Podcasters MISTRESS CARRIE!!! Well I didn’t write that up, but the three hour podcast should tell you everything!! July 10th is all about the quotes I love!

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