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RPG Jelly Plush Kickstarter – Ending Soon!

Get them before it’s too late, at a Kickstarter near you! The RPG Jellyfish campaign by Loading Crew Crafts offers you a chance to get you hands on some adorable RGG inspired plush Jellyfish. Currently available are Kohath the Paladin, Nomura the Rouge and Fanta the Mage. Fergus the Narwhale Warlock and Pipe the Bard will be unlocked if their goals are meet, so get out there and pledge!

Photo Credit: Stuart Jones – used with permission

Bad puns and RPG tropes sparked the production of these cuddly creatures. The project is the passion of creators, and husband and wife team, Stuart and Alaina. These avid role-playing fans cut their teeth on classic video game RPGs such as Final Fantasy, Namco “Tales of Series,” and Super Mario RPGs and they now enjoy tabletop RPGs such as Pathfinder and Dungeon and Dragons.

While the campaign focuses on RPGs, they are the perfect accessory for any Geek. What board gamer wouldn’t love having Kohath and Pipe at your side during your next Descent or Gloomhaven campaign? The plusies would also make great gifts for that Geek you know who has everything.

Alaina creates hand-made plushies and pillows that she sells at conventions along with her art projects. The RPG plushies in this campaign were inspired by the anime Princess Jellyfish and had quickly become a convention favorite. After a few conventions, the popularity of the characters enabled Loading Crew Crafts to factory produce Kohath and Nomura. Continued success permitted the production the hero’s Fanta and Pipe, and the hero’s nemesis Fergus. What would a hero be without a nemesis?

Photo Credit Stuart Jones – used with permission

For this exciting campaign, there are a variety of levels so you can be sure to get just what you want. Pledging at the $5 level gets you a digital jellyfish wallpaper or for only $30 you receive an unlocked plush of your choice, shirt of your choice, or the 3x Loot Package of your choice. Loot packs include charms, buttons, and posters. There are even some troll levels including a trip to the zoo with the creators and a buried treasure level.

The campaign is ending soon so don’t delay. Get your plushies here:

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