Cartoon Reviews: The Super Hero Squad Season 2

The Super Hero Squad Show Season 2


Back in Season 1 of ToonCast Beyond we talked all kinds of Superhero cartoons. In Episode 01 we covered The Super Hero Squad. At that time I had only seen Season 1 of this awesome Marvel cartoon. With The SHS being added to Netflix, I have now seen Season 2, and holy moley Spider-Man it was sooooooooooo damn good. Season 2 focusses on Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet, it showcases his quest to get all the inifity stones to complete the gauntlet.

For those that don’t know The Super Hero Squad Show is a comical look at the Marvel characters. None of the villains are a real credible threat at all. That is until Season 2, and The Dark Surfer!!! Yes you read that right The Silver Surfer becomes The Dark Surfer. Oh Wow was this freakin amazing!!!!! It gave the Squaddies an actual REAL threat to deal with. The Dark Surfer has such great humoe, and is 5 steps ahead of everyone.

In Season 1 when I watched it, I kinda went from episode to episode thinking ok who are we gonna see featured this time. In Season 2 the game has changed and it’s a very tight continuity. There were some WTF moments for me though, one in particular was when Thanos was just floating around space, and jackhammering a rock… seriously WTF! Just look:

I mean a Jack Hammer in space??? Unbelieveable.

They obviously added several new voice cast members this season, in addition to the regular cast. One that surprised me was Dr. Sheldon Cooper! Yes that’s right, you read that right! Jim Parsons’s voices the character of Nightmare. Surprisingly a fitting look for Sheldon:

I think my overall favorite voice performance outta Season 2 was Steve Blum as Wolverine! He has some lines that are just downright hillarious BUB!

Like This Line Right Here: Wolverine’s The Best At What He Does I laughed so hard at that!!!! Everyone should check this show out! It is absolutely a gut wrenching laugh out loud good time. Even if you aren’t a fan of Marvel, I bet you’ll love this show after seeing at least two episodes. If you don’t, you are no Animation fan, and no fan of comedy!

I thought that when The Dark Surfer split into the six different colors of the Inidity Stone, that was awesome. Because it shows you have to go one on one with each power.

I rally don’t wanna spoil anything more from Season 2. I’ll say in closing that The Super Hero Squad Show should have continued on, and it is missed! Maurice Lamarche as “old” Magneto in one episode was absolutely awesome!!!!!

So squaddies time to … HERO UP!!!!!

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