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Transformers Prime

Darkness Rising DVD 

Shout Factory has started their Transformers Prime project. The first DVD release is a single disc release of the 5 part miniseries Darkness Rising. The five episodes are compiled into a feature length movie. While I do love this way of viewing the first five parter of TF Prime, this DVD will not be for everyone. However it is a nice start to whatever releases we’ll be getting from Shout Factory. I always like feature length Transformers cartoons, and seeing Darkness Rising presented like this makes me happy. Seeing as this is a single disc DVD I was not expecting any special features, however we get a look at the character models and envirornment models as well. It’s a very nice inclusion. However I do wish Shout Factory could have gotten The HUB World special that aired on TV or something like that.

The voice cast in Prime is amazing, from Optimus and Megatron to Arcee, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, and Ratchet. For the first time since Generation 1 Peter Cullen and Frank Welker are working together again on a Transformers cartoon. I can’t forget the awesome Steve Blum voicing Starscream. Wow is his Screamer voice awesome!!!! The CGI animation in this is amazing, some of the best CGI that I’ve ever seen!!! The backgrounds are great, and the effects are wonderfully done.

All in all this is a nice DVD for those who haven’t seen Transformers Prime yet, but I’m not sure if fans of the show are going to wanna double dip whenever we get a full season. I’m actually wondering if Shout will use the separate episodes or this feature length version on a TF Prime Season 1 DVD Set. Hmmm Hey Brian Ward any thoughts? Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising comes out tomorrow December 6th 2011. So if you wanna check this out well you can get it from Shout Factory or on Amazon!


All images credited to Shout Factory and Hasbro

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