DVD Review – Transformers Prime: One Shall Stand

Transformers: Prime – One Shall Stand 

“One Shall Stand” is the seven part Transformers: Prime story arc that includes One Shall Fall, the three part episode One Shall Rise, and the three part episode Orion Pax. This story arc covers Unicron’s return, and Optimus Prime’s amnesia after using the Matrix of Leadership to defeat him. Shout Factory released this in a feature length film style on DVD back in July. 

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again THIS IS THE BEST TRANSFORMERS CARTOON EVER!! (not counting the Beast Era) At least when it comes to the storytelling. It is soooo in depth, and I love every single episode so far. The overall story the series is telling is just amazing!!!!!!

DVD Packaging:

For being a single disc release it is your standard DVD package. The outer cover depicts Unicron in ther background, with Optimus and Megatron in the foreground. The back cover again has Optimus and Megatron, along with a few screencaps from the episodes. The inside backing is an image of Unicron’s eye. The disc itself has the title of the release with a background image of being inside Unicron.

DVD Menus & Bonus Features:

Menus, we all love the DVD menus right? Shout Factory has always strived to give us amazing, eye catching DVD menus, in anything they’ve ever released. TF Prime One Shall Stand is no different. The main menu is comprised of the Unicron, Optimus, Megatron, imaging, but it also has a slight animated feel to it. As there are effects in the background.

Shout Factory always seems to amaze me with their TF Prime DVD releases, especially the attention to detail of bonus features on a single disc release! This release has a feature of the writers talking about this 7 episode long arc, and an animatic of One Shall Rise Part 2. As I stated in the DVD Review: Transformers: Prime – Darkness Rising these single disc releases are meant to get newxomers and mainstay fans into the series. I think that having any binus features on a single disc release is amazing, even if it’s only two features. We all know when the Season 2 DVD and Blu Ray hits it will be loaded with bonus material.


When I watched this, I felt the video was much improved over the Darkness Rising release. In that feature length version of the 5 part series, I felt the scene transitions were very jarring, and hard. They were’nt a smooth fade. In the One Shall Stand DVD, the fades are done much better. The video quality is very crisp, and the sound is just eargasmic. (Yes I’m making up word now)! The CGI animation is awesome, as well as the voice cast.


As stated above, this follows the seven episode arc spanning between Seasons 1 and 2, of the rise of Unicron, and all that entails. I’m not gonna spoil the plot, but holy crap was it good.

Overall/Final Thoughts:

If you haven’t picked up Season 1 on DVD or Blu Ray yet, grab this to get a taste. If you want to see this arc as one long feature, get this DVD. Transformers: Prime only gets better as the series progresses, and Brian Ward along with the rest of the Shout Factory team are doing amazing things with the DVD releases!!!!!

DVD Score 10/10 

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  1. Hey Mike you guys at All things Transformers should be a commentary on a transformers prime episode since no one has yet to do a commentary on it

    1. We’re not gonna do commentaries on the episodes. We will have a full review podcast about TF Prime in a few years, once the show gets more seasons under it’s belt.

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