Beast Wars: Dark Glass Project

Recently there has been quite a bit of notice from the fandom on a fan produced version of the lost Beast Wars episode… Dark Glass. This is a Adaptations GJ Production in conjunction with SCP21|Studios (Mine).

In anycase the cast reveal is out and it does look very promising to the fans of the above. I was Executive Producer and Voice Director throughout this as well as the voice to Megatron and an yet to be revealed voice. I am backup for Rhinox and Waspinator as well. So this is a fun filled project with much more news on the way. Without further ado here is the preview.

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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. I will talk about it in this weeks All Things Transformers as well but yes this will be epic. You have no idea how much so with flashbacks and so on in this. Got some nice G1 Marvel references in there and parts linking to Master Blaster and Nemesis Parts 1 and 2.

  2. Currently there isn’t one. It is a when it gets done type of project being that this is a huge undertaking for the 3-4 people doing the models and animating. They have one on sound as well and some G1 appearences will be made. Send questions on it for the next ATTF too if you like!

  3. Lol soo many podcasts to listen to and catch up on, but once my MP3 player has some more space, I for sure will. It’ll be a bit though.

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