Hot Wheels Let’s Race – Review

A Fun Kids Program By Mattel and Netflix

A new series to sell toys on Netflix, but not just any toy commercial. It’s a series filled with energy, teachable moments, and fun.

Thank you to Mattel for the advanced screenings of this series and to Netflix as well. Apologies for the late review.

The series is interesting and a lot of fun. This is actually the first series in which I was able to have my kids watch pre-release and the reason I asked for that is simple. I’m not their target audience. While fun and entertaining for myself to be sitting amongst them, this series teaches, has humor not above their pay grade and is full of energy. Something that’s been lost in a lot of modern animation as studios look to pump out excessive sequels, reboots and shows without a fun theme song.

About Hot Wheels: Let’s Race

Based on the number-one-selling toy in the world, Hot Wheels Let’s Race is a high-octane series that ignites and unlocks the challenger spirit within every racer! The series follows the newest generation of racers as they experience mind-blowing races, extreme stunt contests, and thrill-seeking challenges.

The Review

The series has a fun and catchy theme song that brings you into the mix as they choose a random custom vehicle from the the Hot Wheels line over the decades. My kids particularly noticed some reuse (budget), but they enjoyed the options and especially the toilet car episode. But the theme comes on whenever they select the vehicles and run into the race.
The series has a very Jake and the Neverland Pirates / Dora the Explorer vibe with the jumping into the missions, but also features a lot of lessons ranging from teamwork, not copying others, proper planning, taking initiative, being creative, and owning up to your problems. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
The visuals are dynamic, fun, colorful and really well done. For those animation aficionados out there, you’ll recognize some voices too from your own childhood being Grey DeLisle, and Eric Bauza.

Final Thoughts

While it’s not geared towards myself, it was engaging and entertaining. My kids loved the show and the energy of it all. It’s racing, a toy commercial but has elements that make it not just another throwaway series and well warranted for kids of all ages. Mine are 8 and 11 at this point and still found it to be “cool” but that’s why I wanted their perspective on this series as I felt it would come better from them than me. Much laughter was had at the jokes, puns and goofiness in the series. While the theme can be grating at times hearing it every episode at the beginning and the car selection, it’s still a lot of fun for each 22 minute episode that is broken into 2 11 minute episodes. A nice cherry on top is the Pokemon aspect choosing the next car in the lineup that will be featured in the next episode at the end of the previous one.


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