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Batman: Assault on Arkham

The latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie is a bit of a departure from what they’ve been doing recently. Why you might ask? Well because Batman: Assaulyt on Arkham is based on the Best Selling video game series which sets Batman in Arkham Asylum and City! This will be somewhat of a SPOILER FREE Review.  B AOA #1

Assault on Arkham was a great video game adaptation and the story is very well done. There are many things to like here. The animation is top notch, the voice acting stellar, and the plot really makes you think. There were several times I was unsure of what the hell would happen. That is always a good thing. I’ve seen the Arkham games being played, but I’ve never actually played them myself. So it was a nice surprise that they did a animated film based on them. The action is fast paced, yet there seems to be a mix of fast and a slow pace to the film. The timing is well done, I didn’t feel as if they were rushing through it. The plot seems standard, but I can go with it, because it’s very fun. The only reason why I say it’s a standard plot is because I saw something similair in Justice League Unlimited. When Task Force X breaks into the Watchtower to steal the eliminator armor!

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The Voice Casting is very well done. With three previous DCAU voices reprising roles. You’ve got the ever present Kevin Conroy as Batman, C.C.H. Pounder returns a the voice of Amanda Waller, and Jennifer Hale continues to give us chills as Killer Frost. The rest of the voice cast all fit their roles well. Troy Baker has become a damn fine Joker. He’s no Hamill, but he’s a great Hamill impressionist. Neal McDonough as Deadshot is interesting casting, and this portrayal actually gives me a reason to care about Deadshot. The few times I’ve seen the character in other media I liked that he showed up, but never really cared all that much about him. Hynden Walch is the voice of Harley here. I am impressed by her version of Harley’s voice. I mean after all she was Starfire in the NOT IN CONTINUITY series Teen Titans. Ms. Walch does Harley very well. Honestly between Baker and Walch they could be the new Hamill and Sorkin for these characters. Although I’d have loved to hear Tara Strong as Harley in here!

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It’s kinda nice to see Harley on her own away from The Joker. At least in the beginning of the film. You can tell however though that she still wants to be with him. This film really should be called Deadshot: Assault on Arkham or The Suicide Squad: Assault on Arkham, because it’s kinda Batman light. I mean Batman IS in the movie, and it is KEVIN CONROY as the voice. However the main focus is on the SS. I like the who’s gonna be the leader animosity between Deadshot and Captain Boomerang, but honestly Deadshot is a better character.

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I think where this movie excels is in the fact that it’s not just Batman Vs the Joker or Batman Vs any of his other single rogues. Joker is here, but he’s so the B story line. Having the SS on the front lines is interesting, especially when I haven’t read their comics. I moreso had a connection with the SS here because of the Task Force X JLU ep. It’s great hearing Conroy as Batman and C.C.H. Pounder as Waller. If you’ve been a fan of the Arkhm Games or you are a fan of Batman in general check this out.

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Final Thoughts:

Overall Assault on Arkham was one of the better DCUAOM’s that I’ve seen recently. For me personally I thought Son of Batman was just them trying to keep Damian around. Even though in that review I said I liked it, this is sooo much better. I do feel like there was a slight disconnect in Waller’s plan. However by the end it was explained. I wish I could give this a 5 star review, but the only reason why I’m not is too much arguing between Deadshot and Captain Boomerang. Assault on Arkham brings Batman back to his core. Batman Vs The Villains!!!!

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Batman Assaults your mind with this film!

Assault on Arkham is a nice breath of fresh air

Assault on Arkham while a departure of the other 2 films based in the New 52 continuity, it's very refreshing. This is what DC should be doing. Find things to adapt to animated movies, without just being all about the new 52. Assault on Arkham is great for those that have or have not played the games.

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