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Over the July 4th weekend TFG1Mike saw Despicable Me 2. Here’s where a review happens! BANANA! This will be A SPOILER FREE review.

Despicable Me 2 is the new hit of the summer! The sequel to one of the best animated films ever. Mike writes up his thoughts on the film. So read below to see what he thought of Gru, the Goirls, and The MINIONS return!!!

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Despicable Me 2 is a fun loving family film, yet at the same time it’s a spy film. We all know by the trailers that Gru has switched sides. There is this new woman in his life from the AVL = Anti-Villain League, and he also has to deal with raising Margo, Edith, and Agnes. For me outside of the family stuff that happens in the film, the best part was more MINIONS then the first film. The voice acting is top notch. Even though I’ve stated many times I’m not a fan of Steve Carrell in live action, his voice as Gru is awesome!!! Lucy is his new partner in this endeavor to find out who has stolen this purple formula. Through all this Gru has to deal with a ditzy blonde setting him up on dates with her friends. Honestly this character is so annoying I blocked her outta my mind. I was hoping Dave, Stewart, Kevin… one of the minions would drop a bomb on her. This movie has two very unique themes to it family and getting back out there in the dating world. OK there are more themes then just those two, but it seems that they are the two most pointed out.

Even though this film has the classic plot we’ve seen over and over, it is still the best animated film of 2013 in my opinion. Regardless of whatever else comes out. Kristen Wiig does an amazing job as Lucy Wilde, and I had no idea she voiced Ms. Hattie from the first film, very awesome that they could give her a new character to work with. Well if I say much more I’ll be spoiling the entire thing. Yes I know I nitpicked a few things, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the movie overall was damn awesome!!!!!  GO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!!!!!! Despicable Me 2 was awesome… BOTH MINIONS AND EVIL MINIONS RULE!!!!!!!!!!

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