Review Of Green Lantern: The Animated Series Score

Green Lantern: The Animated Series


Original Score from the DC Comics Animated TV Series

By: TFG1Mike

GL #1

Not only did I embrace this GL series, I throughly enjoyed it as well. Josh Keaton as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern rules! The awesome people at LA La Land Records sent me this soundtrack score for review. I love the epic music that is used in this cartoon. It reminds me of the only days when animated shows had 40 piece orchestras to accompany them! 

Frederik Wiedmann whom I’ve never heard of even after doing research, does an amazing job with the epic notes and battle music. He also excels at the quiet moments in the themes. It is a very well done score to an already amazing cartoon series. The way Frederik is able to tell a story with the music is absolutely awe inspiring, and so amazing.

GL #5

Hearing the music outside of the actual show is a great thing, because you can get a better feel for what tracks they use in the show. I have always loved listening to scores from TV, movies, video games, and more! Some of my favorite tracks from this are Green Lantern Main Theme, Aya’s Birth, Red Empire, I Am Mogo, Star Sapphire, A Lost Love, and so many more. The fact is that every single track on this score is amazing. It will affect you in one way or another. It has high upbeat battle anthems, and slow emotional musical notes all in one.

GL #7

If you have been watching the Green Lantern cartoon you will love this score, and you will recognize musical notes during certain episodes. I can’t praise this music enough, and I will be listening to it even after the series is gone. The music in GL TAS reminds me so much of stuff from justice League and JLU, and this score is on par with that music. In the fact that they are both epically awesome!!!!

GL #6

In the liner notes there are notes from the composer and the producer of the show. I think that this is very cool. The reason is that let’s face it we live in a digital age, where music can be downloaded, and you have to make your own impressions as far as whether you like it or not. The fact that La-La Land Records is still in the business of crafting amazing soundtracks and scores is a wonderful thing. I love looking at liner notes on any CD or album. So hearing from not only the composer, but the producer as well, gives great insight into what a wonderful job they did with this cartoon and soundtrack.

You can get this awesome score from LA LA Land Records directly! You can also find the track listing there!

Score: 10/10


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