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The Premiere Voiceover Documentary

It’s finally here! I KNOW THAT VOICE!! the documentary from John DiMaggio all about the Voice Acting Industry. With interviews of the faces that voice the characters we know and love! Talking about their craft of voice acting! So much behind the scenes info and more is revealed in this documentary. 

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I’d been hearing about this documentary since last year, eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. now that it’s here, I couldn’t wait to watch it. HUGE thanks to my friend Doug Abel for gifting me the film on iTunes. Watching this should be any geeks dream. Ever since I was a kid I knew there were people behind the voices, but back then we never really WANTED to seek out who they were. Voice Acting is a business that allows for anonymity, and a lot of the actors that are in VA love that. Since we live in a time now where EVERYTHING is available on the Internet, Voice Acting doesn’t really have the anonymity it used to.

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If you look at the above image it lists all the names that are featured in the doc, and wow what a list! Cances are most of the people that you love hearing their characters are in this doc. I love the back and forth snippet style that the film uses, it cuts between interviews of man different voice actors, and they are all very smooth transitions. Mark Hamill talks about voicing the Joker, Kevin Conroy shares his 9-11-01 story, and he gets POWed for the F-Bomb. I’ll say that for the direction in the doc there is some cursing, but the F-Bombs are bleeped, which means parents can show this to their kids.

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I love hearing the stories from the Voice Directors like Andrea Romano and Ginny McSwain. What is also very interesting is that some of the actors SHOW the viewer how they come up with a voice. Bob Bergen walks us through on how to sound like Porky, Tara Strong does Bubbles, and more…. There are even segments showing Mel Blanc, and an interview with his son Noel. June Foray talks about the early days of VO, and so much more. John DiMaggio even states that the reason he did this doc, was to show everyone in the world how talented his friends are. Voice Acting is a booming industry, but it’s not like the rest of Hollywood. There are no egos, and everyone seems to genuinely like everyone else in the business. To bottom line it for everyone YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS! To see for yourself how awesome this RARE behind the scenes look really is. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this doc, and it’s gonna get a perfect doc!


You can find I KNOW THAT VOICE on iTunes, Amazon, and many other places. Go check it out now, and see some of your favorite Voice Actors talking about what they love!

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