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P&F -Haloween

For Halloween 2013 Phineas and Ferb had three… count em three Halloween themed episodes. So in this post I’ll be giving my thoughts on each. These all aired over the last two weeks, so there will be SPOILERS! 

P&F -Haloween 1

This was the first ep I saw, and wow was it dang good. The premise is Doof has inherited a huge castle next door to his building, and Vanessa Doof’s daughter is throwing the best halloween party ever. And of course she enlists Phineas & Ferb to create such a party. I really enjoy the direction Vanessa and Monty are going in. I’ve always felt that when Vanessa was dating Johnny, he was just a background character. Well except for when they were camping in the woods that one time.  So the whole town of danVille has come out to this party, as stated before P&F are the event planners and DJ’s. Major Monogram wants to find out who his son Monty is taking to the party, but Vanessa and Monty sneak by him. They are dressed as a vampire queen and the Scarlet Pimpernel respectively. The greatest part about having to hide their relationship is that most everyone else dresses as the same costumes. It’s a neat way to get around their parents’ finding out that they are dating.

Meanwhile Doof asks Agent P. to help him find the treasure Doof’s aunt left him. In the end the treasure hunt leads to a bunch of moneybags. Doof is rich, until all the city officials come and collect fees for having the Castle in downtown DanVille. Ya know what Doof, don’t worry about being penniless you’ll get another Alimony check soon! LOL

Here are two of my favorite quoted scenes from this episode.

Scene 1:

Vanessa: This is a big night for me, my boyfriend’s coming. Oh, here he is right now.
(A Scarlet Pimpernel enters.)
Scarlet Pimpernel: Ooh, a vampire! It’s a good thing I have my neck covered.
Vanessa: You’re not my boyfriend!
Scarlet Pimpernel: Whoops. Heh heh. Sorry, I thought you were my—
Candace: Jeremy, it’s me, Candace!
Jeremy: Ooh, a vampire! It’s a good thing I have my—
Candace: Yeah, heard you the first time.

Scene 2:

Vanessa: Monty should’ve been here by now. (Another Scarlet Pimpernel approaches her.) Finally! Wait?! Who are you?!
Scarlet Pimpernel 1: I’m the Scarlet Pimpernel.
Scarlet Pimpernel 2: As am I!
Scarlet Pimpernel 3: Same here!
All Scarlet Pimpernels: We are all here!
(Vanessa groans.)
Stacy: (also dressed as the Scarlet Pimpernel) Hey, what’s going—Oh, for crying out loud!


P&F -Haloween 2

Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror! You try saying that five times FAST! This episode is exactly as the title states. Mr. Macabre tells us three tales of tri-state area terror! The first is all about how Duckie MoMo turns Evil, the second is Night of the Giant Floating Baby Head, and the third is Invasion of the Evil Platypus Clones.

The entire time I was watching the third tale in this ep, I knew exactly what they were referencing! Despicable Me 2! That is freakin’ awesome!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the Duckie MoMo and Playtpus clones stories. The giant floating baby head story was just too weird for me. Mr. Macabre was a cool narrator, but at times I found the Macabre Book Mobile kinda weird. This episode breaks the show format, which I found refreshing. Normally the show is one 11 minute segment, or two 11 min segments. With this ep it’s three 7 min segments. I think it’s great that the creator’s always come up with new ways to present the Phineas and Ferb world to it’s audience.


Face Your Fear

P&F -Haloween 3

Face Your Fear almost has nothing to do with Halloween for me. It seems as if it was a regular episode, moreso than the specials that preceeded it. Still there are Halloween elements to it. Like the fact of Doof studying hours of horror films. He soon comes to the realization that making small cute things large and scary he can take over the Tri-State area. Meanwhile the boys and their friends create a giant foam city to skateboard… ummmm HOW is that Halloween themed? Don’t get me wrong I liked it, but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

The best part about the episode is that Candace, Linda, and Jeremy are all touring the Danville Space Labratory. This is where Jeremy’s dad works. During the whole thing Jeremy expects Candace to try and use the Space center to bust her brothers, but she never catches on. Well I should say that it takes her awhile to catch on. I love how the writers and creators of the show have progressed Candace and Jeremy throughout the 4 seasons of the show. He now expects her to bust her brothers, or at least allows her the obsession of trying.

Here are two of my favorite quoted  scenes:

Scene 1:

Narrator: Meanwhile, at the Danville Space Laboratory…
The sign reads “Danville Space Labrador”
Sign Painter: Laboratory? Oh, man!

Scene 2:

Linda: So you could look down on anybody’s backyard and see what they’re doing?
Jeremy: Pretty cool, huh?
Candace: Wow, that’s gotta be handy for something.
Jeremy: And three…two…one… (points to Candace in anticipation of her busting idea)
Candace: What?
Jeremy: Really? Alright.

I enjoyed Face Your Fear as a regular ep of P&F, but I really liked the others better than this as Halloween themed episodes.


Final Thoughts:

The greatest thing about these specials is how they changed the theme song to fit Halloween. They modified the lyrics and images for a Halloween vibe, and I thought that was awesome! I especially loved during the castle halloween bash, how they remixed various songs from the series. Check out the Phineas and Ferb Remix ! Can’t wait to see what P&F do for Halloween 2014!!!

PF Halloween 4

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