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ThunderCats 2011! The re-imagining of the classic 80s cartoon. I was open minded about this cartoon, just to see HOW they’d handle it. There are several things that I don’t like about it, but overall it was a decent toon that got no real love from CN. However we are here to talk about the music so let’s do that shall we…? 

lion-o 2

The score is done by Kevin Kliesch, a composer I’ve never heard of. Even after doing research on him, there isn’t much to find.  The main theme on the disc says it is 12 seconds, in fact it is 10 seconds. The one thing I’ll say about the main theme is that it’s epic, and pulls you into the cartoon, even if it’s only 10 seconds of music. Sometimes 10 seconds with a score is all you need. The main theme has that classic T-Cats music, and although I do wish it was longer, it does do it’s job well.

lion-o 3

With La-La Land Records I’m surprised that this is a 2 disc set for only 25 total tracks. The Green Lantern TAS score is one disc and it holds 36 Tracks. Maybe it’s due to track length, but I find it strange that the ThunderCats score is broke up with 11 tracks on disc one and 14 tracks on disc two. There is no denying though that Kliesch’s score is epic. After listening to both discs multiple times since getting it in the mail last week, I can definitely envision some of the episodes certain tracks come from. It also helps that  every track is an episode name.

mumm ra 1

On disc one some of my favorite tracks are, obviously the main theme, I also like The Sword Of Omens and The Ancient Spirits of Evil tracks. These two tracks have both soft tones, and epic get you into the show kinda tones. On disc two there are many that I like and they are, Birth of the Blades, Trials of Lion-O Part 1, Between Brothers, and Into the Astral Plane. The Forever Bag track is a very fun musical romp, as was that episode of the show. Recipe For Disaster is kinda the same way. It’s a twangy tune, that seems to be more fun, rather then being serious. I can tell that Kevin Kliesch really knew how to tap into each of the characters on the show through his music. The Soul Sever track really surprised me. It starts of low, and then goes high with it’s pacing. I really did enjoy that. Even though I mentioned favorites above, I have to say that the final two tracks on disc two are my ultimate favorites. They are What Lies Above Parts 1 and 2. Each has subtle musical notes, and at the same time they both are grand musical accompaniments to the episodes of the cartoon.

panthro and tygra 1

In the liner notes there are notes from the composer and the producers of the show. I think that this is very cool. The reason is that let’s face it we live in a digital age, where music can be downloaded, and you have to make your own impressions as far as whether you like it or not. The fact that La-La Land Records is still in the business of crafting amazing soundtracks and scores is a wonderful thing. I love looking at liner notes on any CD or album. So hearing from not only the composer, but the producers as well, gives great insight into what a wonderful job they did with this cartoon and soundtrack.

Overall this 2 CD set is a good buy, especially if you are a fan of the Thundercats 2011 cartoon, regardless of whatever flaws it might have. If only Cartoon Network gave it more of a chance to succeed, then again it is all Bandai’s fault too, because the toys failed to sell. Still that is here nor there, this score from La-La Land Records is awesome, and you must check it out.

You can see the track listing and get this awesome score from LA LA Land Records directly!

Score: 10/10


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