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Transformers: Animated Complete Series DVD Review

Transform and GET ANIMATED! FINALLY we have ALL three seasons of TFA on DVD! Here’s TFG1Mike’s review of this set from the awesome folks at Shout Factory. You’ll be able to grab this June 10, 2014 for $34.99 exclusively at Amazon!!! Plus the Season 3 Set itself is at their website!


TF FANS….. TRANSFORM AND RISE UP!!! Or TRANSFORM AND ROLLOUT….. depending on your fav TF faction… Autobots or Decepticons. The day has finally come TF Animated FanBots and FanCons! TRANSFORMERS: ANIMATED – The Complete Series is here! YES….. ALL THREE SEASONS!!! We finally have SEASON 3 on DVD!

TFA TF & RO Image #6

I knew it was a matter of time, but when the news came out… I nearly fell outta my chair. We TFA fans have been wanting an official release for TFA Season 3… I’d bet since the last moment of Endgame Part II!!!! Thanks to the wonderful people at Shout Factory we finall have the entire series on ONE DVD set. ALL 42 Episodes of TFA are here, yet not a lot of special features. I am IN NO WAY COMPLAINING, about the lack of features. However I have to say I was expecting a few more on the Season 3 part of the set.

TFA S3 Commentaries


Video: Animorphic/1.78.1 So TFA in the Original WIDESCREEN!

Audio: Dolby Digital English 2.0


Four Brand NEW Commentaries

Garbage In, Garbage Out (According to Brian Ward this is NEW, and not the commentary from the original S2 DVD.) After listening to it yup, has Matt, Marty, Derrick, Sue, and David on it. 

 Transwarped Three parter  YES YES YES!!!!

Sadly this set does not include the shorts that are unreleased or the ones on the previous DVD sets. It is also missing the Elite Guard and Mission Accomplished Commentaries.

TFA S3 DVD Cybertron

The episodes are wonderful in wide screen, and it’s nice to have all 42 on one set. There are 6 discs each Season is a 2 disc set. As I’ve said in the past I was very hesitant when TF Animated was announced, moreso because of the animation style, but it grew on me after awhile. I think by the end of the first season going into Season 2 I was stoked to see the series. Everything changed though once Season 3 hit. With the three parter Transwarped, and the premiere of Rodimus! YES so awesome!!!!! And they got Judd Nelson to do his voice….. WOW even more awesome. Sadly Rodimus was cosmic rusted, and we moved on from there. It had been a long time between the Cartoon Network DVDs were released, and they NEVER did Season 3!!!!! However our friends at Shout Factory have put together a great Complete Series set including Season 3!!! All the TFA fans I know were clamoring for a legit Season 3 release, and it’s finally here. The voice acting from the likes of David Kaye, Tara Strong, Townsend Coleman, Corey Burton, and so many more is all very well done. The animation is great watching it in the wide screen format. With Widescreen you notice little things that Derrick J. Wyatt has added into each episode. It’s so awesome!! The image below here…. I remember when that happened, I finally was able to catch Animated on TV, and nearly fell outta bed when Shockwave finally got his TRUE colors!

TFA S3 DVD Shocky's True Colors #2

The Story telling is wonderful throughout. Sure there are a few things that might irk a few fans… Or there might be a fe things in this series that seem completely illogical, and honestly on my watch through of this DVD set… they didn’t bother me as much as before. Because while I was watching this DVD set…  I was having too much fun rediscovering the series. Plus discovering all the awesomeness that is Season 3!!!

TFA S3 DVD Cyclonus

Transformers Animated The Complete Series is an Amazon exclusive as I said before, but if you want to retain your original DVDs and just get Season 3 you can do that too from the Shout Factory Website. Season 3 is by far my favorite. It has the best storytelling, it has so many awesome TF cameos and so much more. Any Transformers Animated Fan should be getting this release!

TFA S3 DVD Roddy #4

The only reason WHY I give it a 4.5 outta 5 stars is because of the missing commentaries and overall lack of features. Maybe when I interview Brian Ward I can ask him about these things! Other than not incluing the unreleased shorts or the ones from the previous DVDs… this set is amazing. Go Get Animated Now! And Check out Transformation Animation Podcast!

Check out my Vid Review of the set!


Review Overview

GREAT to have S3 on DVD, but wanted more Features!

Almost Perfect

TFA all in one place is an amazing thing! Season 3 finally, and all 42 eps broken up over 6 discs is wonderful!

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  1. I wouldn’t allow this garbage into my collection even if someone paid for shelf rental space for me…

    1. and that is your personal opinion and right… I honestly think out of all the friends I have online… you are the only TFA HATER I know! :-p

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