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Young Justice!


Original Score from the DC Comics Animated TV Series

Today’s the Day! TODAY IS THE DAY! That was the main tagline for Young justice in it’s first season. La-La Land Records have released a 44 track single disc score to go along with the hit animated series. Below you will find my thoughts on this latest soundtrack coming from the DC Comics Animated Series!



Young Justice was a show that had a huge following, yet got thrown under the rug, just like GL: TAS. The cartoon series was great, and one of the key elements that made it great was the music. Three DC Animated Universe composers return to craft this amazing score. You’ve got Kristopher Carter leading the way, most people will know him from crafting the music of Batman Beyond. Then we have Michael McCuiston and Lolita Ritmanis, two DCAU alums. You will remember hearing their music in BTAS, STAS, JL and JLU. It’s amazing seeing these three names on one score.


As stated above this single disc album contains 44 tracks, and they are just amazing. All three composers do an awesome job in collaborating. They’ve created a masterpiece soundtrack, to accompany this wonderful animated series.


As I said in my GL TAS Score reviews, I get lost in this music. Two out of the forty four tracks have all three composers working on them. Those are the main and end titles for the show. The rest each composter does by themselves. I have to say that this is unlike any score I’ve ever written a review for. Because there are three composers the indicidually craft their own music. This isn’t like the BTAS Scores La-LA Land had released a number of years ago, where there was one composer that was constant, with others kinda guest starring. This thing is like three different soundtracks, that mesh together as one.

I love the main and ending themes, they bring you in and take you out of the cartoon. Some of my favorite tracks are Carter’s Revenge Mode, Ritmanis’s Mera Attacks, McCuiston’s Watchtower Election and Cheshire is Back, Carter’s Meet Lobo, plus so many others. honestly all 44 tracks are simply fantastic!!! It always amazes me just how certain composers can craft excellent music to go along with the wonderful animated series’ that we get. If you are a soundtracks and scores fan, and you are a DC fan, plus if you enjoyed watching Young Justice you should definitely pick this up. Each composer brings something different, and it’s by far the most unique soundtrack I’ve heard for an animated series.


You can get this awesome score from LA LA Land Records directly! I highly suggest yo do especially if you loved Young Justice, because being able to listen to the show’s music without any voice over or effects is freakin’ awesome!!!!!!

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