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CARS 2 Theatrical Review

RANT: Ya know 10 years ago….no 20 years ago movie theaters actually charged fair prices for movie tickets. I remember when I’d go to the theater for a matinee and it’d cost between $4.25 to $5.75. The regular after 6pm showings would be anywhere between $6.25 to $7.75. Now I know infliation has happened in the last 20 years, but with this goddamn 3-D bullshit coming back again the theater I always go charges $8.75 FOR A FUCKING MATINEE!!!!!!!! That’s the 3-D film price, the regular matinee price is $6.75. So today I went to said theater and asw Cars 2. When the ticket booth chick said $8.75 I was like wait it’s 3-D ugh I hate 3-D. She asked if I didn’t want the ticket, I said no I might as well see it. I got the crappy 3-D glasses that they give out and went into the show. IF Cars 2 was shot in 3-D I saw no effect of this either in the cheesy 3-D way or the non cheesy 3-D. All the glasses did was make the damn screen darker. I FUCKING HATE 3-D AND WISH THE FAD WOULD DIE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

OK I’m done ranting, now onto Cars 2 and my thoughts………..SPOILERS AHEAD DO NOT READ IF YOU DON’T WANNA BE SPOILED!

Before I get started I gotta say seeing The Toy Story Toons short was amazing. I hope they do more of them!!

So Cars 2 picks up with Lightning McQueen winning his fourth Piston Cup, and he’s coming back home to Radiator Sprins for some R&R with Mater, Sally, and the whole gang. The point of this sequel besides selling new toys is that it number 1 focuses on Lightning and Mater’s friendship. The subplot- main plot in this is that Mater is mistaken for a secret agent! The World Grand Prix race is almost the sublot, this movie is more like an extended Mater’s Tall Tale episode. I found Cars 2 to be very enjoyable there wasn’t a point in the film where I felt like oh come on can’t we get past this….. I will say after seeing the first film I like Larry The Mater Guy better then Larry The Cable Guy. Mater along with the rest of the characters are what make the movie. Although I was expecting to see more Pixar characters CARsified (YES I KNOW THAT AINT A REAL WORD) I was expecting tons of cameos, but I’m very glad that they didn’t do that.

A majority of the original cast has returned here in Cars 2 with the exception of the actors that passed away since the first film. I am so damn happy that they paid tribute to the character of Doc Hudson rather then recast Paul Newman. Adding Michael Caine as british secret agent Finn McMissile was great casting, but anyone else besides me think of Felicity Shagwell when they heard the name Holli Shiftwell? At least Mater has a girlfriend now lol……… Cars 2 has it’s serious and funny moments all in all it’s a fully loaded adventure with characters that you love.

I have to admit though while watching the movie seeing all the other modes of transportation I thought on great we are gonna have Planes movies (WHICH WE ARE IN 2013) and Boats spinoffs and all that. While I don’t mind spinoffs for the most part I think that would take away from this franchise.

The music in the movie fits very well and with this being Michael Giacchino’s fourth Picar score after The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Up I knew that the music was going to be great in this. However it was the end credits song called Collision Of Worlds by Robbie Williams and Brad Paisley that really got my attention. I’ve been listening to the song since coming home from the theater.

In Closing Cars 2 is a great addition to the franchise besides more Cars Toons shorts I’m not sure where they’ll take a third movie, and honestly I’m happy if this was the end of it and Pixar moves forward with other projects.

Final Verdicts:

Visual Effects of The Film 10/10

Plot of The Film 10/10

Theatrical Experience 2/10

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