TFG1Mike’s Animated Series Thoughts – Tron: Uprising

TFG1Mike’s Animated Series Thoughts:

Tron: Uprising

I’ll be doing more first impression blogs like this in the future. 

GREETINGS PROGRAMS! So Legacy was released in 2010, and finally Uprising has been aired on Disney Channel and Disney XD. I have absolutely been pulled into the world of Tron. Loved the original movie and Tron: Legacy. I was excited for the premiere of Tron: Uprising, and it happened on Disney Channel 5/18/12. 

This series is set between Tron and Tron Legacy, and it’s supposedly gonna be a 10 part miniseries. It’s a pretty sweet looking cartoon. In this series we follow the story of Beck, whom is supposed to be the next Tron.

In the first episode we see Beck and his friends hanging out and working together at a garage. Clu comes in and takes over the city that they live in. Beck sets out to start a revolution and free them from Clu’s control.

I went back and watched Tron Legacy again after watching this first episode. Mainly to get screencaps to compare between Legacy and Uprising. I’m not sure if a prequel animated series was a good idea though. We Know what happens in Legacy at this point. We know where Uprising will lead, especially if it is in between Tron 1 and 2. I honestly thing a sequel animated series would have suited it better, flushing out the future story and adventures of Sam Flynn.

The voice cast is amazing in Tron Uprising though check it out!

  • Beck (voiced by Elijah Wood)[5][6] – The main protagonist. Beck is a young program who leads a revolution against Clu 2. He is trained by Tron and he challenges the evil forces of Tesler and Clu.
  • Tron[6] (voiced by Bruce Boxleitner)[5] – Tron is the protector of “the Grid.” He looks through the Grid for the next Tron and meets Beck. Tron later trains Beck and becomes his mentor.
  • Paige[6] (voiced by Emmanuelle Chriqui)[5] – A young program, Paige is one of Tesler’s field commanders. While hardened and dedicated, she is less antagonistic than Tesler and takes a personal interest in the new ‘Tron’.
  • Clu (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) – The secondary antagonist in the series. Being the updated version of the original Clu from the old grid, was created by Kevin Flynn, the creator of the Tron Universe. Clu betrays Flynn and Tron and takes over the Grid.

I will say that it’s weird not hearing Jeff Bridges as Clu, but Fred Tatasciore does a great job in the first episode. I can’t wait to see more of this series!!!!!!

I just love how the designs and technology from Legacy translates well into animation with Uprising. It is very well done.

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