TFG1Mike’s Movie Review: Despicable Me

TFG1Mike’s Thoughts on Despicable Me

First off I am NOT  a Steve Carell fan! He just is not funny to me at all. He’s a part of the over the top in your face comedy that has become so present in today’s entertainment. But I digress……

When I first saw the trailer for Despicable Me it just wasn’t my thing… I didn’t hate it or anything, but at the same time it wasn’t a movie that screamed to me I had to see it in theaters. A few weeks ago I rented it through iTunes. I thought well I might as well see what all the hype is about. I was quite surprised that I found myself liking the movie on a whole. Carrell aside there are great characters, the plot is well thought out, and then…………..I discovered THE MINIONS!!!!!! The minions are awesome!!!!! They are so funny I died laughing everytime they were on screen.

The main character Gru voiced by Carrell I hardly knew it was Carrell… I will give the guy credit for doing an awesome voiceover as Gru. The inflections and accent he put to that character’s voice was awesome. Gru is a super villain who’s arch enemy is another super villain Vector. Vector Stole the Pyramid of Giza … so Gru decides he’s gonna steal the moon.

I found Gru to be more of a anti hero rather then super villain. He is a redeemable character whereas most super villains are JUST EVIL. Gru also meets three little orphan girls that he ends up adopting so he can use them to get inside Vector’s fortress. Eventually Gru becomes emotionally involved with the three girls. Although his plan to steal the moon interfers with the girls’ dance recital.

Overall Despicable Me was a great movie it wasn’t what I initially thought it was gonna be. Which was Steve Carrell bringing his crude and unfunny humor to animation. OH YEAH AND THE MINIONS!!!!! love those guys and gals!!!!

I know the wal-mart version of the DVD has minion movies… but WE NEED MORE MINIONS!!!!!!

Overall Score: 10/10

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  1. Just FYI its not just the Wal-Mart version that has the minion movies, I know the Target one did as well. I still will never understand how you can think that Steve Carrel and Will Ferrell are not funny, blow my mind!!

  2. I’ve seen advertisements that said it was a wal-mart exclusive. And as far as Carrell and Farrell not being funny in my opinion is that they rely too much on crappy phyiscal comedy. If I wanted awesome slapstick I’d watch the Stooges tyvm.

  3. I like both those actors in most of their movies. Granted all actors have their craptastic films but these two do hit a good number on each side of the fence. I like them…75% of the time.

  4. I loved this movie, especially the Minions and Dr. Nefario. The movie itself was nothing special, basically another variant on the ‘Shrek’ formula. But I still enjoyed it a lot more than most CGI animated movies that have come out in recent years.

    And I agree with Mike when he spoke of the Stooges. I am not saying the Stooges don’t rock, Mike (And they SO do), but in today’s world of political correctness and parents not paying any attention to what their kids watch, isn’t it sad so few people watch the 3 Stooges and millions more truck the whole family out to watch Will Farrel and Steve Carrel act like morons??

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