The Ultimate Guide to the Cartoons of the 1980s – Chapter 5: Wolf Rock TV

1980s Cartoons - Chapter 5: Wolf Rock TV












Chapter 5: Wolf Rock TV

Total Episodes: 7
Episode Length: 30 Minutes
First Air Date
: September 8th, 1984
Final Air Date: October 20th, 1984
Day(s) Aired: Saturdays
Channel: ABC
Reboot/Spin-Off Data: N/A
Based On: The real life Wolfman Jack

Creator: Not available at this time
Developed By: Not available at this time
Producer: Jean Chalopin, Andy Heyward & Dick Clark
Director: Not available at this time
Voice Director: Ginny McSwain
Mike O’Mahoney
Chuck Lorre
J. Johnson
Len Udes
Warren Taylor
Dennis Marx

Music: Shuki Levy & Haim Saban

Production Companies: DIC Enterprises

Component or Standalone: Standalone

Episode List: (Episode Guide not Available at this time)
Episode 1: The Video Nappers
Episode 2: Bad News Birds
Episode 3: Bopper Goes Ape
Episode 4: The Nerds Who Fell to Earth
Episode 5: No Time for Sarge
Episode 6: Rockin’ Robot
Episode 7: Wolfman’s Granny

Main Cast:

Wolfman Jack: Wolfman Jack







Bopper: Frank Welker







Ricardo: Robert Vega







Sarah: Siu Ming Carson







Sunny: Noelle North







Mr. Morris: Jason Bernard








Wolf Rock TV was an animated series based on the real life Wolfman Jack (Bob Smith) who was a famous deejay throughout the 50s and 60s, known for his almost clandestine tactics to delivery alternative music to the kids of the day. The series revolved around an MTV style TV station that was owned by Wolfman. The station manager was Mr. Morris and the employees consisted of three teenagers, Sarah, Sunny and Ricardo along with their pet parrot, Bopper.

The series featured music videos as well as interviews with recording artists in between the animated segments. The animated segments were comedic in nature and featured teenage antics played against a conservative station manager. Think along the lines of the teens from Saved by the Bell playing off of Mr. Belding.

In 1989 reruns of this series were partnered with Kidd Video under the title, Wolf Rock Power Hour. For whatever reason, possibly due to licensing complications, the series has never been released on any form of media and even amateur or bootleg copies have yet to surface online.
























Overall Breakdown: Not available at this time

Unfortunately, copies of the 7 aired episodes are not available for viewing at the time of this publishing.

Overall Show Score: Not available at this time

Related Media/Merchandise:

Toyline: No Toyline associated with this series

Comics: No Comics associated with this series


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