TMNT 2012: Eps 01-02 – Rise Of The Turtles

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Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 


I grew up on the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was awesome!!!! It created such a great influence on the world. The animation was top notch, the voice cast was amazing, even though back then we didn’t pay much attention to the names of the voice actors. However nowadays Cam Clarke, Barry Gordon, Rob Paulsen, and Townsend Coleman live on in infamy. The stories were well thought out. Then came the films!! Turtles on the big green screen, so awesome. YES I even liked Turtles III!!!

In 2003 there was another Turtles series, I liked it, but sadly never caught it every Saturday.

In 2007 there was the CGI direct to video film, I enjoyed that as well.

Then there was Turtles Forever, which was a cool concept, but sadly it was non union, so the original 87 Turtles voices were not there. I will say that the 2003 Shredder actually had a great plan in this.

And now, we come to 2012. Nickelodeon has the TMNT franchise. Which is an amazing thing! On September 29, 2012 TMNT had it’s 1 hour series premiuere, with Rise of the Turtles Parts 1 and 2.



You will just have to watch the show to get the story details. I will say that the series premiere flowed very well, and started the telling of what will become a great story.

Animation Style:

At first I was skeptical about the CGI and anime effects, however after seeing the series premiere, I think it is quite funny that they combined the two styles. The backgrounds are amazing, as is the design of the City. The effects with the turtles’s weapons, and the fighting style in general is truly spectacular.

Voices Of The Turtles:


This time Leo the Leader is voiced by Jason Biggs. OK let that sink in for a moment…… The pie fucker is the leader of the Turtles. LOL! However Jason does an amazing job voicing Leo, and I can’t think of anyone else voicing him in this show.


Donatello has and always will be my FAVORITE TURTLE EVER!!! Plus the fact that the producers went after Rob Paulsen, makes Donny even more awesome. I mean Rob was the original Raph, and just having him back is wonderful. He gives an amazing performance as Donny.


This time around Mikey is voiced by Beast Boy himself Greg Cipes. Greg brings the partyman outta Mikey, and he is most definitely the Wild One.


Raph is voiced by Sean Astin….. let that sink in….. Rudy is the angry turtle!!!! Makes sense though, and Sean does an amazing job in the role. I can’t wait to hear and see more angry Raph.


The Rest of the Voice Cast: 

Splinter: Hoon Lee voices this version of Master Splinter. Very awesome job, and his voice so fits the role.

April: Mae Whitman is April. Just in the first two episodes what I have heard is a great voice for a young April.

Shredder: Kevin Michael Richardson… those three words are enough right? No? Well all I’ll say is that KKMR kicks ass as Shredder!!!!!!!!!

Other Cast:

The rest of the cast is very well done. All the Kraang robots are cool, as is the plant monster thing.

Theme Song and Music:

I love the fact that the kinda incorporated the old musical bits in the new theme. Sadly kids today love RAP more then ROCK. That’s the one negative I have about the show is that the theme song is all rap, with maybe minor bits of rock in it. I’m sure over time I’ll get used to it.

The Future of TMNT:

I can’t wait to see what he future holds for this new series. Any and all TMNT fans should really enjoy this cartoon.

If you missed the Turtles Premiere, you can buy the iTunes Season Pass in SD and HD.

TURTLE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COWABUNGA!!!!!!

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        1. Yeah it’s pretty good… I was left with GIVE ME MOOOORE!!! After watching the series premiere.

        2. I really loved this show. Has new humor but the vibe of the 1987 TMNT. I wanna see what is up with the Krang. Almost seem Borg like. I hope there is one like the 1987 leading them. Overall really loving the show.

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