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Phil Lamarr returns to the GCRN. He brings along with him the GOBLINS ANIMATED creators! What is GOBLINS ANIMATED you ask? Well listen to Matt King, Tarol Hunt, Danielle Stephens, and Phil Lamarr tell you all about it in the latest GCRN interview!

EDITOR’S NOTE: YES Mike’s PC fan was being a pain in the arse…. Sorry!!!

In the latest GCR interview TFG1Mike welcomes back Brian Ward. you know him, you love him, he’s the elite DVD producer at Shout Factory. Plus he has been directing short films for nearly all his life. We talk about the 4 most recent short films that he has done.

We are getting animated in the latest ATTF-TAP interview! That’s right All Things Transformers crossover with Transformation Animation Podcast to bring you a BRAND NEW interview with Shout Factory DVD Producer Brian Ward. TFG1Mike chats with Brian about The BRAND NEW Release for Transformers Animated Season 3 and the Complete Series! Plus we bring up the Shout Factory upcoming release of Beast Machines The Complete Series! Tune in, and Shout Out your love for Shout Factory!


Go beyond the Legends of the Dark Knight, as Steve and Mike chat with Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Brian Ward. The hosts of the first ever psychological look at the DC Animated Universe. Their main focus is Batman The Animated Series. We talk about how the podcast came about, what it’s explored so far, and where it’ll go in the future! We also get the dirt on the good doctor and catch up with Brian!

This time we bring you a new type of interview. This one being one of Shout! Factory’s DVD Producers, Brian Ward. Brian has worked on the Beast Wars DVD Collection, Rocko’s Modern Life, JEM, and More! Check Shout! Factory’s website here. You can find Brian’s Twitter page @BWard028