GCRN-INTERVIEW-BUSHWell it’s that time again! TFG1Mike sits down with Stan Bush to talk about the process of crafting his latest album The Ultimate! Tune in to hear samples from the new album, and the process Stan went through to get this album done. Also hear mike gush over the man’s 35 year career, and dance around what big LA show Stan might be involved with. 


TFG1Mike sat down with Dave Brenner Guitarist from Theory Of A Deadman to talk about the bands’ legacy, touring, and the brand new album The Truth Is… We find out where TOAD got their name, and how a 118 year old Canadian nursery rhyme became a song. S0 sit back relax and enjoy some insight on one of the best Rock Bands in the last 10 years. Huge thanks to Dave for taking the time to talk with TFG1Mike.

TFG1Mike and Spada sat down with Stan Bush to talk about his brand new album Dream the Dream coming out September 15th 2010. Join them as they talk about the new album and some other stuff as well. Plus we have a four song preview from Dream the Dream.

In this special Geek Cast Radio/This Week In Geek interview Mike “TFG1” Blanchard has the awesome privilege of interviewing Jess Harnell voice of Wakko Warner and the lead singer of the breakout smash hit band Rock Sugar. So strap yourselves down for some rockin good times. Share the sugar because Pop Rocks!!

This Stan Bush update is a cross promotional episode between GeekCast Radio Network and This Week in Geek. You will find this under the All Things Transformers feed on GCRN and as a element in the next week’s Nerd News for This Week in Geek. Be sure to visit http://www.stanbush.com for all the news you need to know about Stan, and his upcoming album.