In the first interview on ToonCast in a while, Mike and Steve welcome Tom Ruegger. You may have heard of him… he was producer, writing, anything you can think of from Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, Freakazoid, A Pup Named Scooby Doo, The 7D, and so much more! I this interview we talk to Tom about his career and so much more! So Toon In!

Album producers to the star Neil S. Bulk returns and joining him and us here inside the La La Land Lounge is art director, producer, and more Mr. Dan Goldwasser they talk with TFG1Mike about Ferris, Axel, and so much more! So sit back and listen in as we talk about Axel Foley’s Day Off! Remember never put a banana in the tailpipe.

EDITOR’S NOTE: YES Mike’s PC fan was being a pain in the arse…. Sorry!!!

In the latest GCR interview TFG1Mike welcomes back Brian Ward. you know him, you love him, he’s the elite DVD producer at Shout Factory. Plus he has been directing short films for nearly all his life. We talk about the 4 most recent short films that he has done.


In the latest interview here at The GCRN TFG1Mike talks with John Takis, writer, album producer, and generally awesome geek! We chat mostly about Batman and Superman The Animated Series scores, and how album production works for soundtracks. So sit back have a listen, and enjoy the latest GCR interview!

la la land

In the latest interview here at The GCRN TFG1Mike talks with MV Gerhard and Matt Verboys! YES the co founders of La La Land Records are on for an interview. We talk about La La Land’s beginnings, how far they’ve come, and so much more! Remember you’re never too old for the shit that you love to do or listen to!

We are getting animated in the latest ATTF-TAP interview! That’s right All Things Transformers crossover with Transformation Animation Podcast to bring you a BRAND NEW interview with Shout Factory DVD Producer Brian Ward. TFG1Mike chats with Brian about The BRAND NEW Release for Transformers Animated Season 3 and the Complete Series! Plus we bring up the Shout Factory upcoming release of Beast Machines The Complete Series! Tune in, and Shout Out your love for Shout Factory!


Album producer to the stars Neil S. Bulk is here on GeekCast Radio with TFG1Mike. They talk about the ins and outs of producing epic soundtrack albums, how they all come together and more. We talk about Lethal Weapon, Star Trek, Batman, Superman, and so much more!!! Remember you’re never too old for the shit that you love to do or listen to!